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Welcome to Japan. The land of the rising sun. World central for technology. Famous for its hot springs, love hotels, school girls, school boys, shinigami, monsters, hollows, and people with extraordinary abilities.

Say what?

Hehe, that's what Japan is all about, and that's where it's made.

This is a free-form role-play where series collide in an attempt to see what else is out there other than school, friends, shopping, fighting hollows, and being shinigami. There are many series included in this present-day Japan role-play.

Please take some time and read over the links below to find out rules, regulations, how to apply, series allowed, and characters taken.

- ルール - Rules
- キャラを取って - Characters taken
- シリーズのリスト - List of Series
- 就職申し込み - Application
- 友達を加える - Friend Add
- キャラの連絡 - character contact
- なにかもお話し - anything out of character
- 引用 - quotes
- メッセジ丸太 - messenger logs
MODS: denki_terashi and kaiba_tech. Please contact them if you have any questions.