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Unfinished log. xD And backdated liek whoa. - 日本まで... Where it's made... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Unfinished log. xD And backdated liek whoa. [Mar. 26th, 2007|01:44 am]
日本まで... Where it's made...
I wasn't sure if this had been posted or not; sorry if it already has! ^_^;

Characters: Shingo and Sayuki.
Date: December 21st, 2006.
Summary: Sayuki and Shingo go out to eat, while Sayuki has a few pieces of interesting news for her boyfriend. ;D
Warnings: None.

Red Hot EG6: Sayuki..
Foxy Sil Eighty: Shingo!
Red Hot EG6: I'm really sorry I havent touched base with you lately
Foxy Sil Eighty: Well, I figured you would have a good reason for it =p
Foxy Sil Eighty: What's up?
Red Hot EG6: Work, work... and what do you know? More work!
Red Hot EG6: ... and.. well.. Sayuki?
Foxy Sil Eighty: What?
Red Hot EG6: ... I... well...
Red Hot EG6: are you busy?
Red Hot EG6: I'd really like to see you.
Foxy Sil Eighty: No, I'm not busy
Foxy Sil Eighty: But why do I get a bad feeling about this? xD
Red Hot EG6: O_O!
Red Hot EG6: XD its nothing bad, Sayuki
Foxy Sil Eighty: xD Okay, good
Foxy Sil Eighty: It's just that you were acting a little strangely
Foxy Sil Eighty: But yeah, we should definitely go out for a while
Red Hot EG6: Did you want me to come pick you up?
Foxy Sil Eighty: That would be nice ^_^
Red Hot EG6: Alright. I'll be there soon!
Foxy Sil Eighty: Great~! I'll be here ^_^

Shingo sped fast towards Sayuki's house. It seemed like forever since the last he had spoke with her... and he felt awful for not contacting her... especially from the last time they had seen each other. A responsible boyfriend would've visited often, making sure she was ok... but no. Shingo panicked a little, though he truly wanted to be supportive of her. He... was in completely new grounds now. He was in foreign territory and didnt know how to deal. He went and got a job... not only because his rent money cried for it, but because he knew that if Sayuki WAS pregnant... he'd want to help her... he growled, cursing to himself. It was no excuse to not see her. In all honesty... he wanted to see her every day after their last conversation...
Before long, he had made it to Sayuki's place and walked to her door. He wore a black hoodie and dark blue, worn, jeans and knocked on the door, placing his hands back in the pockets of his hoodie as he waited.

Sayuki had still been in her room, repainting her nails. Some of the paint had chipped off and she quickly fixed it. After sitting back, she admired her purple fingernails and black toenails. It had been a good color scheme, one that she hadn’t tried before. As she was putting her nail polish away, she heard Shingo’s knock on the door. After running over to her vanity and fluffing her hair a bit, she took a deep breath and headed downstairs to let him in. She thought she looked really nice in her black sweater and blue jeans, so that gave her a little bit of confidence. After opening the door, she gave him a happy smile. “Sorry I took so long to answer the door. Here,” she said, quickly ushering him in. “Get inside before you freeze to death.”

Shingo went ahead and walked inside. He looked at her with a grin. "What, you still need to get ready to go out?" Much like a girl.

Grinning back, the blonde shut the door. “Of course! I can’t be lax with my appearance; people would think I’ve got better things to do with my time,” she teased. Shutting the door, she motioned for him to follow her. “I need to put my shoes on and find my jacket.”

"Now we wouldnt want that." Shingo smirked, following behind her and soon wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in an embrace. It was so good to see her again, and it was even better to hold her in his arms again. "Sayuki."

Leaning back against him, Sayuki had to laugh. “If you keep that up, we’re not going to have enough time to go anywhere.” But she let him hold her, for a while. It felt good; familiar. She’d missed it. “After all, I want to hear about what you’ve been doing this past month and a half.”

Shingo nodded, laughing a little. "I suppose you're right... I want to know how you've been too." He leaned in, kissing her neck and letting her go.

Collecting her shoes (the same black sneakers she had worn out on her lunch with Keisuke), she slipped them on and quickly grabbed a black leather jacket. After putting that on, she turned to Shingo. “Well, I’m ready to go if you are.” She stepped forward and teasingly played with the strings on his hoodie. “So, where should we go?”

Shingo smiled and looked up at the ceiling in thought, resting his hands on Sayuki's hips. "Well... hmmm..." He looked back down at Sayuki. "How about we go to a cafe or something? I dont know about you, but I feel like drinking something warm."

“Something warm sounds excellent,” she agreed. Stepping back, Sayuki took his hand and walked down the stairs with him. She fished her keys out of her purse and locked the door, then went with him to his EG-6. “Maybe we could go to Usui after we finish eating,” she offered. “It’s really icy this time of year- good training, though.”

Shingo nodded, very much liking that idea. "Sounds good to me." He opened the passenger side of the door and walked over to sit at the driver's seat. "I think I saw a cafe a couple blocks away."

“That sounds great to me; I haven’t really eaten anything all day.” Except for an apple. For some reason, Sayuki hadn’t been very hungry recently. “Well, since you know where we’re going, lead the way,” she said, buckling herself in.

Shingo went ahead and started the car, and drove off to where he had seen the cafe. "So, how have you spent the last month and a half?"

“Well, I would say working, but that’s not entirely true.” Leaning back, she hummed along to the song on the radio. “I’ve been getting more days off, and I’m going to be taking a few months off from work after the holidays. Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out with Mako and Keisuke.” She turned to look at him. “What about you? What kind of job did you find, anyway?”

Shingo blinked at first. "...A couple months off after the holidays?" ... did that mean...? He cleared his throat. "Well... I got a job at an autoshop actually... It's pretty nice, as far as jobs go."

Grinning, Sayuki rubbed her hands together. “Ahhh. I should have known you’d find some work with cars.” Deciding to tease him a little, she said “Well, I have some really big news for you. It has to do with my time off, in case you’re interested.”

And now he got nervous. He could've sworn he had gotten pale. Luckly they were at a red light, because he needed to prepare for this. He let out a breath. "You... do?" He wanted to say 'I know, Sayuki....Why do you think I took the job...?', but figured he should hear what she had to say first.

She could hardly contain her excitement. It really was a good thing that they were stopped. “Well, I went to the doctor’s a few weeks ago…” Just for fun, she rubbed a hand over her belly. “I got examined there, and I took another test.” A quick silence. “And I’m not pregnant. The doctor told me that it was just my body reacting to stress, and that I should take a few months off from work and just relax.”

"... ..." the light turned green and Shingo made his turn quickly, pulling over as fast as he could and stopping the car. He looked over at Sayuki, a look of pure shock and relief flowing over his face. "..." He reached over and kissed Sayuki agressively on the lips. He couldnt find the words and simply acted. After parting lips he gave her an annoyed look. "... and you rubbed your belly. Do you take pleasure in seeing me squirm like that?"

After kissing him back, she had to laugh. “Maybe a little bit of pleasure,” she teased. “Anyway, I think you deserve it for not being around.” Sayuki couldn’t stop grinning. “But, I felt like that was something you had to hear from me personally.” Nuzzling at his neck, she slipped a hand down to his stomach and started stroking the muscles there. “So… are we still okay?” This had been tormenting the navigator for a while; she had no idea where her relationship with Shingo currently stood.

Shingo nodded, placing his arms around her. "Of course we are..." a short laugh. "Even if you ended up having a kid... we'd be ok." He took a breath and decided to admit it. "It was the whole reason why I took the job." Feeling her touch him like that, he couldnt help but smile. God... he missed it.

“Awww, really? That’s sweet, Shingo.” Nipping at his ear, Sayuki smiled. “Well, are you still going to keep working? And are we going to ever eat? I’m suddenly starving.” She smoothed his hair back, feeling sentimental. She really had missed him a lot, and was really relieved that things were back on track.

"..Oh! Hai!" Shingo started the car again and continued on the drive. "You know... I think I will keep the job. If anything, our little scare there pushed me off my lazy ass and maybe I can someday start taking my girlfriend out to nice places like a boyfriend should." He loved feeling her affection. "And... I'm sorry that I disappeared for a while.... if it makes you feel better.." He started turning a little red. He wasnt used to saying this much, especially when it was about sentimental things like emotions. "I...thought about you everyday." He tried to cover up. "I guess I missed you is all."

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes at his attempt to “act like a man,” the navigator settled back for the remainder of the ride. “Well, it does make me feel better,” she said, laughing a little. “So, tell me more about your work. I think you already know all there is to know about mine, so I want to hear about your co-workers. Do you work in a general autoshop, or do you just work on a specific type of car?”

"Its a general autoshop. My coworkers arent too bad... they were kinda psyched to hear I was a racer." He made another turn. "Overall... I enjoy it. I'm actually learning a lot of stuff, so I think it might help in my driving."

The café was coming in sight. “Oh, I’m glad to hear that.” The blonde stretched a little. “And anyway, this will help you take better care of this car, in case you crash it again,” she teased. “If that happens, you can fix it yourself.”

Shingo fake-pouted and found a parking. He stopped the car and turned it off, unbuckling his seatbelt. "And... I can work on that beat up car of yours."

“That is true as well!” Getting out of the EG-6, she waited for Shingo to lock the doors. “Cheap labor, huh? I love it,” she grinned. “Although, I don’t know if you can help that car. It may be time to find a newer one.” As much as she moaned and groaned about her car, Sayuki probably wouldn’t find another one until she moved out. She had become really attached to it, by this time.

Shingo looked up and scratched his head, as they walked inside the cafe. "Or... if I get really good... I can build one for you."

Smiling, Sayuki shrugged and took his hand. “That would be nice,” she agreed. “But not necessary. Just do whatever you feel is right, okay?” They were quickly seated and given menus. “Hmmm… I’ve never been here before,” the navigator mused.

Shingo grinned, looking at the menu. "Neither have I... you know, I might just have some hot chocolate and call it good."

“Well, I’m hungry!” Looking through the menu, Sayuki laughed a little. “So I hope you don’t mind if I eat something.” She decided on soup. Hot and filling, which was just what she needed at the moment. “Like I said, I haven’t been eating much lately. So, this is a good sign.”

Shingo nodded. "Get whatever you want. I wanna keep my woman happy." He spoke with a grin and set his menu down.

A waiter came over to take their orders. “Are you two ready, or do you need more time?”

Shaking her head, the blonde put the menu down. “I think we’re both ready. I’ll just have a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some hot tea, with lemon.”

The waiter turned to Shingo. “And for you, sir…?”

"Hot chocolate." He responded, leaning back in his seat.

After their waiter walked away, Sayuki leaned forward and grinned. “So, I have some big news for you. Mako’s dating someone now.”

Shingo smiled. "You're kidding! She finally got together with someone?"

“She did! I was really surprised to hear about it, as well. She told me when she spent the weekend over at my house,” she said. “So, we should all go on a double-date or something! Mako and I want to go to the hot springs some time soon. If you’re not too busy, you should come with us.” Sayuki stopped as their drinks were delivered.

"Sounds good to me." Shingo grabbed his hot chocolate and took a sip. "So who's the lucky guy?"

“Oooh, she nabbed a good one.” She pretended to swoon. “Rich, handsome, drives an awesome car…” Sayuki laughed. “It’s actually one of the most unexpected people. I never would have seen Mako with him. She’s actually dating Takahashi Keisuke.”

Well perfect. He just HAD to be drinking when he heard the news. "T-TAKAHASHI?!" He would've never guessed. "I didnt even know that rich boy was interested in her."

“Me, either. But they’ve gone out a few times,” Sayuki said, sipping at her tea. “Mako seems to be really happy with him.” Finally, Mako could have a steady boyfriend… one that Sayuki didn’t even have to set her up with! “And that makes me really happy for the two of them.”

Shingo nodded. "I just hope 'ol Takahashi doesnt go and do something stupid." He took another drink of hot chocolate.

“I don’t think he will, but with Keisuke, you never know.” Finally getting started on the soup that had arrived, she sighed in happiness. Oh, yeah… nothing like soup to warm you up. “He may end up doing something stupid like that Iketani guy, or he may be the perfect one. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” she said, before eating another spoonful of broth.

"I guess so!" Shingo smiled at Sayuki. "Sorry to change the subject, but... what are your plans for Christmas?"

“Nothing, yet.” She took another sip of tea before continuing. “Since my parents are Brazil right now, I was considering asking Mako to spend Christmas with me. But I’m sure she’ll spend it with her own family. So, I’ll probably just spend it alone, like I usually do. What about yourself?”

"I'll probably just hang out at my apartment... I think some of the Night Kids are going to get together, so I might do that... otherwise, I'm not sure."  He drank more cocoa.

“Well, if you don’t end up hanging out with the Night Kids, you should come over for a while.” She quickly finished off her soup and her tea. “Oooh, that was good. The best meal I’ve had in quite a while.” Sayuki was looking forward to what came next… their drive on Usui. Having never seen Shingo drive a pass in winter before, she was curious to see how he’d handle things.

"Sure thing." Shingo finished his cocoa, and paid the tab. "I'm glad you liked it, Sayuki." He got up and walked with Sayuki back to the EG6. "Usui time." Shingo was excited about this.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.” Once they were safely strapped in, the navigator had to laugh. “Mako and I went up there when she spent the weekend with me; we have a lot to work on.” However, for now she just wanted to concentrate on Shingo’s driving. “I assume you’re able to remember how to find your way there, so I’ll shut up now.”

Shingo laughed. "No problem. Talk away, Sayuki." He started his way up to the mountain. The roads were slightly slick, which would make the downhill a bit dangerous. This made Shingo all the more excited.

Even though she didn’t have to, Sayuki still watched for obstacles for him. After all, driving in winter on the pass was incredibly dangerous. And since she was trained to, she instinctively watched out for ice, oncoming traffic, etc. Luckily, they made it safely to the top of Usui. It was deserted, which didn’t really surprise the blonde at all. “I guess no one felt like driving up here tonight,” she murmured to herself.