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Characters: Hiro and K. Date: Late night March 24th, 2007. Summary:… - 日本まで... Where it's made... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
日本まで... Where it's made...

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[Mar. 25th, 2007|02:53 am]
日本まで... Where it's made...


Characters: Hiro and K.
Date: Late night March 24th, 2007.
Summary: The "K is human?!" log. Hiro gets kidnapped by K and is shipped off to get some extra work done. IM to log.
Warnings: A little long, but nothing too bad.

tehmagnum: HIRO-KUN~!
xWise Guitaristx: o_o
xWise Guitaristx: Uh, hello, K-san.
tehmagnum: How are you this, wonderful fine day?
xWise Guitaristx: ....I'm fine. Why?
tehmagnum: Nothing nothing, what are you doing this moment?
xWise Guitaristx: ...Why do you want to know?
tehmagnum: I'm only curious. Does a manager need a reason to see what his musicians are up to?
xWise Guitaristx: Normally, no.
xWise Guitaristx: With you, absolutely.
xWise Guitaristx: And that reason is usually bad.
tehmagnum: What's that supposed to mean??
xWise Guitaristx: I think you know exactly what, K-san.
xWise Guitaristx: So, what do you want?
tehmagnum: Oh no....answer me first. Are you doing anything at the moment? xWise Guitaristx: I'm taking a break from figuring out new chords for some of our songs.
xWise Guitaristx: Why?
tehmagnum: GOOD! Come with me to the next room!
xWise Guitaristx: ...What?
tehmagnum: ...you heard me. I've been waiting a while.
xWise Guitaristx: K-san, you are crazy.
tehmagnum: Excuse me? Look do I need to drag you out??
xWise Guitaristx: Well, yes.
xWise Guitaristx: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you're going to do with me.
tehmagnum: Oh I'll tell you what I'm going to do with you. You're going to make up lost time with N-G right NOW!
xWise Guitaristx: What? Why now?
tehmagnum: How should I put this, you wasted the company's time and now the company will waste YOURS! Now get out here.
xWise Guitaristx: Wouldn't it make more sense for me to just stay late for a few days, instead of making me come in now?
xWise Guitaristx: After all, I would already be there, and so would you.
tehmagnum: It would, by why give you such luxuries? Now come out of your own free will or I'll make you come out.
xWise Guitaristx: *sigh*
xWise Guitaristx: All right, all right.
tehmagnum: Good boy...

Hiro gave the computer screen a glare at that last message. K-san was lucky that Hiro was polite. Otherwise, he'd be tempted to give the blond the finger the next time he saw him. Which was going to be rather soon, here.

Flipping the cellphone shut K waited right outside Hiro's door with a catty grin.

Hiro rolled his eyes as soon as he saw the manager waiting outside of his apartment complex. Once he finished walking down the stairs, the redhead walked over to the American, grumbling all the while. "I still think this is unnecessary, K-san." But Hiro knew it was better not to fight back.

"Just be a good boy and do your work and you'll be out in no time!" K grinned and literally dragged the guitarist to his car. "You walk too slow..."

"It's hard to walk when you have someone dragging you most of the way," Hiro helpfully pointed out. But he got into the car and clicked his seatbelt together, knowing that he would probably need its protection before long.

Climbing in his side, he turns the key and soon the engine roars to life, and they go on their way. After a good distance, the come to a halt before the tall N-G Company Main Studio building. "Alright! OUT! Let's begin~!"

Getting out and stretching a little, the guitarist faithfully made his way into the building. Turning around, he noted that the American was at his heels, grinning like a cat. "...So, where are we going?" Hiro asked hesitantly. Honestly, the American scared him sometimes....

"You'll see." Pushing Hiro forward and into the building he moves him up stairs and to an elevator to a high floor. As soon as they were out, K dragged him by the collar down the dark hallway to an empty room. "In here!" He tossed the guitarist in.

Okay, now Hiro was officially freaked. He turned around, so his back wasn't to the crazy American. "K-san! What the...?"

Motioning to the table across from them to an open box with stacks of CD's laying about it. "Autogurafu those and then go through that pile of photo's over there afterwards. Toss out any pictures that aren't of Bad Luck's faces or are out of focus. We'll start there," K spoke while tossing a Sharpie onto the table.

With a heavy sigh, Hiro sat down at the table. Damn, busy work. The redhead hated the stuff. But, since it was part of his job, he began dutifully grabbing CDs and signing them.

As this was going on, K sat not to far away from his musician, polishing his precious Magnum awaiting Hiro to finish.

After a while, the guitarist pushed his chair away from the table a little to stretch out his sore muscles. He'd been sitting like that for what seemed like forever. Hiro spared K a look, glancing at him nervously. "Do you really have to do that right here? It's a little creepy."

"What are you talking about? This," the manager asked holding up his gun. He then set it down as he was finished and pulled out a box of bullets from nowhere and began to load it. "I'm done so don't worry. Are you finished?"

Almost," Hiro replied, and gestured to a small stack of CDs. "Those are the only ones I have left to do."

"Good boy! I'm impressed," he cried out happily. Bored again in moments, he pulled out a rifle and began to polish that instead.

With a sigh, the redhead went back to finishing his task. "Why do I even bother?" he asked, to no one in particular. After a few minutes, he turned his head to speak to K. "I'm finished."

K looked up and smiled. "Very good! Now do the Photos, but first, hold still. I think this scope is off." Holding up the rifle he takes aim, looking at Hiro's face through the cross hairs. "I wonder why the Scope is so messed up..."

"Hey!" Instinctively, Hiro ducked out of the way. "I'm not some target you can just point your gun at!"

"It's only the scope I'm talking about! Hold still and don't be such a baby," K called out, moving the gun around to get a point of reference off of Hiro.

"I am not being a baby! You're the one without any common sense, K-san!" But Hiro knew it was useless to argue. The American only listened to himself... or the voices in his head.

Finally after a moment he removes the scope and tosses it away, "Well that's why it's off, it's cracked! I shame myself for that." K looked down to Hiro and shakes his head. "What on Earth are you doing down there?? Get to work!"

Another sigh. No wonder Fujisaki wanted to quit so much... The redhead did get back to work, but only after giving himself a minute so his heart rate could go back to normal.

Lowers the rifle and finishes the polishing job. "Hiro-kun, just a random question but why would you miss out on work just to play some silly game?"

Purposefully ignoring the American for a minute or two, Hiro finally responded after signing a few dozen photographs. "Because everyone needs a break now and again, K-san. Playing that game with Shuichi may be silly, but it definitely made me feel more relaxed and less stressed out."

"Oh~! Okay, a relief of stress. Interesting. You know what I do to relieve stress," he asked, loading the shells into the gun. "I go to the firing range," he informed, taking a good aim and fires, blasting a photograph that was in Hiro's hands to shreds. Happy that nothing was destroyed as the shot was fired out of the open window next to Hiro, he set the rifle down to reload it.

Hiro rubbed at his temples. "I have a headache," he muttered to himself. Putting the shreds of the photograph down, he said in a much louder voice: "K-san, you are a freak." He was a little frazzled by that shot, but figured it would be best to not show his fear to the older man.

"Oh that hurts," the Manager pouted and sets the rifle down. "Do my guns really bother you THAT much, Hiro-kun? I'll put them away if they scare you so much."

"Any normal person with a shred of common sense would be scared of you and your guns," Hiro said. "So, yes, if you wouldn't mind putting them away... it's not the best way to encourage morale."

Shocked that the little redheaded musician spoke up, K holstered the Magnum and tucked the rifle away. Allowing Hiro to resume his work, K decided to find something else to do, and began to dig though a few empty boxes to find what he was looking for.

Hiro tried to ignore the American, and began signing more photos. But after a while, he put down the marker and sighed. "What are you looking for, K-san?"

"Ah HA! Found it," he exclaimed while sitting. Instead of answering Hiro, he instead put his object to use. POP!

Rolling his eyes, Hiro glared at the older man. "Will you stop acting like a little kid?!" he scolded, throwing another look at the American, who was currently holding a piece of bubblewrap.

K looked up with a 'deadly intent' look on his face, "Excuse me! Who skipped work to play some kiddy game on the Playstation?"

Hey, I'm young! I can do that kind of thing and be okay with it. You on the other hand, you're almost an old man. I don't think you can really compare those two things. It's almost like comparing rice and sushi."

"Old man?! Hiro-kun, if you want to be done, I'd watch your tongue. I can make you stay here all night. Would you like that? Besides, who would compare rice and sushi anyway," K replied in an angered tone. POP POP POP!

Ahhh, so K was a little sensitive about his age, eh? Hiro mentally filed that away, just in case he ever needed to use it again. "Gomen nasai," he said, but there wasn't really any feeling behind it. So, he went back to signing pictures in the now-tense silence.

POP! POP! ...POP! K vented out his anger on the innocent sheet of bubblewrap, scheming up a new workload for the baby that was signing and sorting pictures.

After about a half-hour, Hiro was finally done with the pictures. "Okay, K-san, I'm finished with those. Can I go home now?"

"Oh no...you have a few more things to do.” Getting up he went into the hallway and after a few minutes brought back a some paper and a pen, followed by a smaller box, and a 3-Ring Binder. He slammed all objects onto said table and motioned to them. "On the tablet, write your feelings about Bad Luck and what it's like to work under Seguchi Touma of Nittle Grasper. It's for a Magazine and will be edited by Touma-san so I'd choose words carefully. we'll worry about the rest in a moment," K muttered and sat down to return to his popping.

Nodding slightly, Hiro took the paper and pen and got to work. Since he was a really good writer, he filled a few sheets of paper rather quickly, raving about Bad Luck and Seguchi Touma, naturally.

Seeing as that backfired, K was hoping round 2 would go better, "Learned anything yet tonight?"

“Other than that you're sensitive about your age and that I absolutely hate busy work? Not really," Hiro had to give K a boyish grin as he leaned back in his chair. "I kid, I kid."

Deep blue eyes narrow to slits. "Yeah you're a kid alright, but let's get back to reality. I need to reassure Touma-san that you won't skip out work again. Now tell me you submit to me and maybe the busy work will go away."

Hiro's eyebrows raised a little. "Excuse me? Submit to you? I refuse, respectfully. But I'll try and not to skip out on work as much."

"I'm your manager, how can I manage what I don't know! Besides, I need you to at least write down a statement to Touma-san personally as well. So have fun with that," K informed, popping away.

"I really don't know why. After all, I'm not nearly as bad as Shuichi is," Hiro grumbled. Now he suspected that K-san was just making up stuff for him to do.

"Oh Shuichi 'bared his throat' so to speak, so I know I have him in line, it's you I need to make sure has your full attention on your job. Now I'm usually lax I admit but there's a contract deadline approaching," K informed to the younger man.

"Don't worry, my full attention is on my job. You know how hard I work, K-san. Fujisaki and I aren't slackers."

"I know you aren't, but I need to make sure you'll be in my command when the time demands it. ...by the way are you done already?"

"Hai, hai," Hiro sighed, and handed the pad of paper to K. "I still think you're doing this just to piss me off, though."

"Why would I want to do that," K asked, taking the pad into his hands and reading it over, "I have my own agenda as well, Hiro-kun."

Oh, that I have no doubt of," the guitarist agreed wryly. He could really use a cigarette right about now, but doubted that K would let him go yet. "So, what's next on your 'agenda'?"

As he reads through Hiro-kun's writing as best as he could, the manager replied, "Pick up the shreds of photograph off the floor and toss the bad photos. Then in the binder place your favorite photos in there. After that, sign those 10 magazines but add a different comment to each one, to a fan in general."

"Sir, yes, sir!" Hiro replied with a sarcastic salute. Glancing over the photos, he had a hard time picking out his favorites. So, the process was a little tedious.

The American glared at the silly Japanese boy but shook it off. "Tell me am I reading this wrong or does your handwriting really suck that much," he asked rereading what he could.

"Iie, I think you're just reading it wrong, K-san. Everyone else seems to be able to read it just fine," Hiro replied, picking out more photos. Finally finished with the task, he turned his attention to the magazines.

Rolling his eyes he tossed it aside and watched the time and then muttered, "Okay, finish that and I'll see if you're done."

It took Hiro a little while to finish, but he finally did. It was really hard trying to come up with 10 different ways of saying the same thing. Putting the marker down, he stretched once more. "So, am I done, K-san?"

Still minding the bubblewrap he asked, "What's the time, Hiro-kun?"

Glancing at the watch on his wrist, Hiro replied, "A little after 12:30 in the morning."

K does a little calculating and sets the wrap down. "Tell me at least you won't skip again, then I'll answer."

The redhead sighed a little. "Didn't we already establish that? I mean, wasn't that the whole point of me writing that letter to Seguchi-san and all that?" Damn, K's logic made no sense to him. Either that or the blond just didn't listen.

"Speak it straight to me."

A little bit of a pout from the guitarist. Crossing his arms over his chest, he sighed again. "Are you actually listening, then? I won't skip again. Happy?"

"Thank you. Now your done."

Hiro breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you." Getting up, he cracked his neck a few times, then shot a look at the blond. "Are you not going to drive me home if I don't submit to you again?" he asked, half teasing. Only half, though. There was a good chance that K really wouldn't drive him home unless he did something else for the American.

"Did you clean up that photograph," K asked checking his cellphone.

Hiro knew it. "Hai, K-sama," he said a little sarcastically. "I did everything you asked me to." Boy, was the guitarist in a pissy mood right now.

"Are those photographs you  picked out in Numerical Order?" Inwardly K was laughing evilly.

"Of course not. You never said anything about putting them in numerical order."
"Of course not. You never said anything about putting them in numerical order."

Punching in a text message to the person that messaged him first, he spoke dully, "Number one is your favorite, and number 2 is your second favorite...so on..."

Hiro sighed. Loudly. "I'm not an idiot, K-san. I know what 'putting things in numerical order' means. But why does it matter, just as long as you have my favorites? What if I like them all equally? And you said I was done already," Hiro pointed out. He was done with this crap. He'd walk home if he had to.

He doesn't even look up to Hiro when he's sending off the message to the person on the other side. He speaks dully, "We're done for sure then, let's go. I'll return you home."

"Arigatou," Hiro said, waiting for the blond to finish playing with his phone. He could really go for a hot meal and shower now... plus that cigarette he'd been craving.

Assessing everything and setting things away to turn into Touma-san, he doesn't even wait for Hiro, he just grabs his collar and drags him out. "Next time you skip, it'll be worse. Much worse."

"Hai, hai, I get it," the guitarist answered dryly, letting himself be dragged out of the N-G building. "Thanks for the reminder."

"Good! No worries then," he said happily throwing the redhead into the car, "Now all we have to work on is your surrender complex and we're better."

Arching a brow, Hiro buckled himself in once again. "Surrender complex? I really don't think you have to work on something like that, K-san."

Realizing he spoke out loud he shook his head while climbing in and driving the 2 off into the night, " I'm a bit tired, you didn't hear that."

I think I did," the guitarist said, sneaking a glance at the blond. "Why does something like that really matter to you, anyway?" he asked, pressing the American for answers.

"It's what we American's call "a need-to-know basis", you don't need to know right now. Now sit tight we're almost to your home," K sighed as his phone rang off another message.

Well, I think I should know, since it kind of involves me," Hiro grumbled, but relented on the interrogation. He couldn't help but heave a little sigh of relief once his apartment complex came into view. Finally, this crazy night could be over.

When his phone rang off again, K sighed. "Doesn't anyone have patience anymore?!" He then pulled infront of the building.

Obviously not," Hiro answered, slightly amused. Even K had his off days; how funny. Once the car stopped moving, Hiro unclicked his seatbelt. "Arigatou for the ride, K-san."

"Hai hai, I'll see you again soon," K replied yawning a bit. Today just wasn't his day.