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LOG TIME [Mar. 22nd, 2007|01:27 am]
日本まで... Where it's made...


characters: K & Shuichi
date: 3/20, late night
summary: K drags Shuichi to work late at night, to make up for Shuichi's lack of work [IM to LOG]
warnings: grumpy Shuichi, crazy K XD

tehmagnum: Shindou Shuichi-kun...
xtechnopockyx: K-san!
xtechnopockyx: ... Am I in trouble again?
tehmagnum: depends...we just need to talk about your schedule. You see you through things off by ditching work the other day and now your work is piling up.
xtechnopockyx: A-ah. Maybe a little! But Me and Hiro can get it all caught up before we get fitted tomorrow~
tehmagnum: IS that what you think?
xtechnopockyx: YES!
tehmagnum: *buzz sound* WRONG?!
xtechnopockyx: O_O
tehmagnum: You will be making the time up!!!
xtechnopockyx: O_O!!
xtechnopockyx: K-san, you're so cruel!!! ;o;
tehmagnum: -coming from you! You have a contract to hold up remember? You have no time to waste! Starting as of now, you'll be doing today's work and another days work to make up the loss!
xtechnopockyx: Whaaaat?!
xtechnopockyx: But I'm at home! I'll start tomorrow
tehmagnum: ...
tehmagnum: I can fix that
xtechnopockyx: NO! THIS IS MY YUKI TIME
xtechnopockyx: NO NO NO NO
tehmagnum: You took the company's time and now, the company will take YOUR time
xtechnopockyx: NO NO NO
xtechnopockyx: I REFUSE
xtechnopockyx: DISRESPECTFULLY
tehmagnum: Oh you're so funny this evening! I'm amused!
tehmagnum: However, you can't delay the inevitable.
tehmagnum: Be ready Shindou-kun
xtechnopockyx: O__O
xtechnopockyx: NO
tehmagnum: Sou
xtechnopockyx: I'm... uh.. sick. I can't work until tomorrow
tehmagnum: oh that reminds me, I've got more bullets now. Hee~! Now you don't have a choice!! >3
xtechnopockyx: But I'm SICK
tehmagnum: Don't worry some Iron and a little vitamin C will work just fine for you! I have both! Besides, you don't need to be healthy doing make-up work.
xtechnopockyx: Sure I do! I, uh... can't leave
tehmagnum: You can't leave...?
tehmagnum: I can fix that too!
xtechnopockyx: No
xtechnopockyx: NO
tehmagnum: "No. NO" are those the only words in your vocabulary?
xtechnopockyx: YES
tehmagnum: This explains why you haven't written a new song in a while...
tehmagnum: However, you ARE going to make this up.
tehmagnum: Right. Now.
tehmagnum: Or do I need to tell Tohma-san a few things??
xtechnopockyx: NOOOOO
xtechnopockyx: wait
xtechnopockyx: What things? O_o
tehmagnum: Tohma doesn't know of your 'skipping work' escapade...yet.
tehmagnum: Who knows what will happen then.
xtechnopockyx: Oh... ^_^; I'm sure he's noticed
tehmagnum: There's a few others, but I'll keep those for later...however, you're going to come in right now. I'm sure your Yuki won't miss you.
xtechnopockyx: HE MIGHT
tehmagnum: I'm sure I can persuade him otherwise. Now get your things in order. It's going to be a l e n g t h y night.
xtechnopockyx: WHY?!
tehmagnum: Your deadline's coming up soon, this is the best for Bad Luck, and this work needs to be done...or do you need inspiration?
xtechnopockyx: O_O
xtechnopockyx: Uhh....
xtechnopockyx: YES
xtechnopockyx: and that is why I can't come in
tehmagnum: ok, well then, I guess I'll put up a penalty game! You don't get work done, YOU are at MY mercy!!
tehmagnum: That should be enough I hope
xtechnopockyx: O_O
xtechnopockyx: I can't come in now
xtechnopockyx: I'm too scared
tehmagnum: Do I need to physically remove you?
xtechnopockyx: NO
xtechnopockyx: You can just leave me right here :D
tehmagnum: Shuichi-kun, have you heard that most Instant Messenger services can be done via phone?
tehmagnum: Random I know, but answer me.
xtechnopockyx: O_O
xtechnopockyx: Uh... yes
xtechnopockyx: I knew that! :D
tehmagnum: So...conversations as our current one can be done like that right?
xtechnopockyx: wait... why?
tehmagnum: Shuichi-kun, turn around.

Shuichi turned around, and met face-to-face with his manager! His purple eyes widened.

K flips his cell shut and looked down with much delight on his prey with a sharp gaze.

"K-san! You scared me! Go away! I wanna go to bed! Can't you see I'm in my pajamas??" How frightening. A manager that sneaks into one's house to drag him, against his will, to work.

Looking around at Shuichi's place, "...and your clothes would be where?"

The singer glared at the blond. "In my room, you crazy American!" But he figured there was no way out of this. "Hold on, I'll go them then," he grumbled.

The manager didn't have to say anything; it went all to plan as expected. All he did was smile and wait, and make sure that Shuichi's window and other escape options were either blocked or nailed shut in the meantime.

Shuichi, of course, had tried to escape through the window, but to no avail. Shrugging, he grabbed some clothes and changed quickly, then reemerged. "Alright, fine, let's get this over with so I can come home and get some sleep."

"No problem~!" Motions for Shuichi to move first, before following the singer to the main entrance.

Shuichi grabbed his keys on his way out, and locked the front door. Leading K down the steps, they eventually reached K's vehicle... The one that would transport Shuichi to his miserable night. The price he was paying for skimping out on work...

All the while, K had the expression like a cat that had gotten the cream. Motioning for Shuichi to enter the car, he climbed in and started it up, checking his cell to make sure that NG Practice Studios 1 and 2 were still open like planned.

Once inside, Shuichi pulled his knees to his chest, bracing himself for the worst. He had a feeling he was going to be sleeping at the studio. Sighing, he looked at K. "What am I gonna have to do?"

K disappeared behind closed doors for a few minutes than reappears with a box and drops it on the table in the center of the room. Cutting it open, he sets down stacks of CD cases with a few Sharpie Markers. "Here, sign all of these. We'll start small and get to the other stuff afterwards"

He began signing the cases. After doing about 4, he put the marker down. "Okay, I'm done. See ya later!" Getting up, he started to walk away.

"Oh no~!" K snatched the singer than shoved him back in a chair. "You aren't leaving until it is ALL done. Along with a few other things..."

Giving K the finger, he went back to signing CD cases. After about 20 minutes, he put the marker down once again, and rubbing his wrist. "How come I'm the only one who has to do this?!"

As K was looking at a laptop screen for a moment, he loads the Magnum. "Consider this Solitary duty. If Hiro was here, you two would do nothing but complain instead of work. But don't worry, Hiro has a designated case as well."

Good. As long as he wasn't the only suffering punishment. "Fine, fine." The signer picked up his marker and began signing cases again. After another hour or so, Shuichi's eyelids were getting very heavy and he was having trouble staying awake.

BANG! The smoking barrel of the Magnum was tucked away, while K watched Shuichi with interest after that first shot of the night.

"I'm awake! Jesus." Shuichi said. He put his head down on the desk. "This marker is making my head hurt, K-san." Maybe if he just closed his eyes for a few seconds....

“Having fun yet Shuichi?”

"K-san... I see colors....." Shuichi whined, signing another case.

"I'm feeling dizzy a bit myself, ok! Break! Let's go next door for a moment..." K shakes his head a tad making way to the door.

Excited to finally get away from the work, Shuichi eagerly hopped out of his seat and followed K out. He breathed in a few deep breaths to clear his head. "Can I go home now?"

"Silly Shuichi," the Manager replied, coughing a little, "we've only just begun!"

"... I don't feel very good though.... My head hurts. Can I please go home?" Shuichi whined, tugging on K's sleeve. He didn't want to do anymore work.

Breaking out some headache medicine and hot tea out for Shuichi, K rests his head against the wall and mutters, "No not yet, just one more thing..."

Accepting the tea and medicine, Shuichi quickly downed them. "Sankyuu, K-san. Now, what's this 'one more thing'?" Shuichi didn't like the sound of that at all.

Disappearing into another smaller room and after fishing around for a moment, brings out another box and sets it onto that table, followed by an ink pen and a pad of paper, and finally a large plastic sack full of random things. "Here," he said simply motioning to the items.

Shuichi just stared at K. "and what the hell am I supposed to do with this stuff?" He rummaged through the box, wondering what the deal was.

Taking some medicine and tea himself the Manager replied. "In the box you'll find photos taken of you and Bad Luck. I need you to go through them all and throw out any of the out of focus pictures or one's that aren't of your faces." He takes a sip of tea and sighs, continuing, "In the bag is samples of random merchandise that NG will be releasing of Bad Luck. On the paper I need you to write what you think about them and what should be changed if you don't like it, minimum of 50 words...each."

"You're joking." Shuichi said, more of a statement than a question. "Fuck this in the ear. I'm going home." He stood up and started to leave. Like hell he was going to write about stupid merchandise.

The barrel of the magnum was at Shuichi's temple in no time flat. "Oh no...this is what you missed and you WILL do it. I won't take anymore laziness out of you right now. This has to be done! Now sit down or I'll chain your legs to the floor."

Once again, Shuichi resumed his spot at the table. He looked at all the stuff he had to do and rolled his eyes. How silly. But... the sooner he finished, he sooner he got to go home. He decided to start with the merchandise. Scribbling his thoughts on the various objects, he was finished with that in about half an hour. Luckily, it was pretty easy since he liked just about everything in the bag.

K noticed that after much pushing how Shuichi finally set to work and was very impressed with the fact that there were no more whines or resistance coming from the Singer. He checked his sell and regarded the musician after finishing his tea, "Shuichi, don't bother with the photos we can do that tomorrow. It's rather late, why don't we call it an evening?"

Shuichi looked up. "You mean it?! I can go??" He jumped up, grinning widely. "Yatta!" Doing a little dance, he looked at K "Ano... will you at least take me home?"

K laughed heartily, "Of course I need to at least don't I? A Manager always takes care of his musicians." After rearranging things and setting things up for tomorrow, he leads Shuichi down the stairs, down an elevator, and out the building to his car. "...besides I have to pick up something anyways...,"he added thoughtfully.

Shuichi wanted to ask, but at the same time, he really didn't want to know. With K, it could be almost anything. "Sankyuu, K-san!" Hopping into his manager's car, the pink haired singer let out a sigh of relief. At least his part was done.

After starting on their way, K answered his cell to speak in English, "Make sure the whole building is surrounded. No one goes in or out!" After hanging up, they pulled in front of the singer's residence. "Here we go, Shuichi, and Sanks for coming in," he said cheerfully to the pink haired boy.

Giving K a strange look, Shuichi opened the door and jumped out. "Not like I had a choice." he said under his breath. "No problem, K-san. I'll see you tomorrow!" With that, he ran up to the apartment, letting himself in.

As K drove off, he made another call to the same party as before after waving a goodbye to Shuichi. "I'll extract the target momentarily," he informed; making his way to an alley behind the residence of Nakano Hiroshi...