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LOG TIME [Mar. 19th, 2007|05:14 pm]
日本まで... Where it's made...


characters: Yuki & Shuichi
date: 2 weeks ago.. maybe XD;
Summary: Shuichi convinces Yuki to play Karaoke Revolution XD [im to log; unfinished]
warnings: none ^^

xtechnopockyx: YUKI! GUESS WHAT?
Tragic Romnce: Huh? What.
xtechnopockyx: Oh... Maybe I told you.
xtechnopockyx: NO
xtechnopockyx: I didn't!
xtechnopockyx: WE're going on tour! :D I talked to Seguchi-san about it
xtechnopockyx: Oh! He has a birthday present for you
Tragic Romnce: Yeah? I'm actually surprised Seguchi hasnt invaded the apartment to give it to me yet.
xtechnopockyx: T_T Yes... Well...
xtechnopockyx: He wont tell me what it is ;-;
Tragic Romnce: I'm sure he'll approach me whenever he's ready to
xtechnopockyx: ^_^
xtechnopockyx: HEY. You should play Karaoke Revolution with me!
Tragic Romnce: ... No.
xtechnopockyx: ;------; Why?!
Tragic Romnce: .... why do you want me to play that game with you?
Tragic Romnce: I'm a writer, not a singer.
xtechnopockyx: You don't have to be a singer to play!
xtechnopockyx: Chibiusa isn't a singer and SHE plays!
xtechnopockyx: It'll be fun!
xtechnopockyx: ;-; Please?
Tragic Romnce: Isnt Chibiusa a brat?
xtechnopockyx: She's a lot like me...
Tragic Romnce: ... so yeah, she's a brat
xtechnopockyx: T__T What did that have to do with anything??
Tragic Romnce: My point is, she's a kid. I'm a grown man.
Tragic Romnce: I dont sing.
xtechnopockyx: I'm a grown man!!!! ANd I sing! Sakuma-san is a grown man! HE'S OLDER THAN YOU!
xtechnopockyx: And he sings :D
Tragic Romnce: ... thats because you're musicians. Its your occupation.
xtechnopockyx: .... So?!
Tragic Romnce: So its makes sense that you sing
xtechnopockyx: Of course it does! But you can still sing! You dont have to be a musician to sing
Tragic Romnce: Ok, well then why do you want ME to play? You have plenty of other people who will play that game with you.
xtechnopockyx: Because I've never seen you sing before! And I wanna play with you!
Tragic Romnce: ... You'll have to try harder than that, honey.
xtechnopockyx: Are you saying there's a chance you'll play?!
Tragic Romnce: If you convince me to.
xtechnopockyx: OMG
xtechnopockyx: YUKI PLEASE PLAY
xtechnopockyx: I'll make you a cake
Tragic Romnce: .. You've made me cake.
xtechnopockyx: I'll jump out naked!
xtechnopockyx: I'll put ribbons in my hair
Tragic Romnce: Not convinced.
xtechnopockyx: I'll.... hm.... clean the apartment?
xtechnopockyx: And....
xtechnopockyx: HMm..
xtechnopockyx: Not offer up our place for parties? :D?
Tragic Romnce: .. getting there.
xtechnopockyx: I'll do all the shopping for the next month? I wont bother you while you're working?
Tragic Romnce: Now you're just trying too hard.
Tragic Romnce: ... will it really make you happy?
xtechnopockyx: :D YES!
Tragic Romnce: ... then I'll do it.
xtechnopockyx: OMG YAY! Let's go! I still have it hooked up! :D I'll meet you in fornt of the tv!
Tragic Romnce: .. goddammit...

Shuichi practically flew out of his room, not even bothering to turn off his keyboard or anything. He made a beeline for the TV, and made sure the game was still in the system, and making sure everything was attached. He grabbed his microphones, and plugged them in. The boy was floating around, amazed that Yuki had actually agreed.

Yuki got out of his office, walking over to the living room, removing his glasses and his headband. "... alright, lets get this over with."

The musician could hardly contain his excitement. He was going to get to hear Yuki sing! He was sure he was the only person in the world that would get that pleasure. Turning everything on, Shuichi handed a microphone to Yuki, and grabbed a controller, skipping all the menus.

He sat on the couch leaning back... unenthusiastically. He looked at the look in Shuichi's face though... that was almost worth it.

Handing the controller to his lover, he hopped onto the couch. "Pick a song!" Something clawed at the back of his mind, telling him that Yuki was going to sing one note, say he was done, and walk back to his study. Shuichi carefully ignored that thought and grinned excitedly.

"Pick one for me." Yuki said. "... I'll say yes or no."

Shrugging, Shuichi rolled through various songs, stopping on random songs to see if they would be up to Yuki's liking. Finally stopping on a slower song, Shuichi looked at the blond. "How about this one?!"