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Unfinished log xD (It's as close to being done as it's going to get) [Mar. 6th, 2007|06:14 am]
日本まで... Where it's made...
Characters: Mako and Sayuki.
Date: December 13th, 2006.
Summary: The second day Mako spends at Sayuki's house.
Warnings: Very, very long. Also, Sayuki acting a little OOC, since I was not right in the head when we were doing this. xD And hints of shoujo-ai.

After the two had finally woken up, they got ready and headed out of Sayuki’s house down to their blue Sil-Eighty. The blonde was practically jumping along as they reached the car. “Oooh, I’m excited. It’ll be nice to drive up there again, even if it is in the afternoon.” Clad in a tight black turtleneck and blue jeans, Sayuki knew that she was comfortable enough to face any challenge in the afternoon traffic. “But that means we’ll have to be extra careful today.”

She didn't know the half of it. After all, Sayuki wasn't the one driving. That left...Mako. Mako was the driver, which really meant Mako had to be 'extra careful'. Beneath a red plaid duster, she wore a simple ensemble, nothing too out of the ordinary for her. Unlocking the doors for the two, the brunette showed herself in and nodded slowly. Driving was always something that she took seriously. "Right. I hope the drive's worth it. Of course I'm sure it will be."

"Absolutely!" Sayuki went around to the passenger side and strapped herself in, tapping her fingernails slightly on the door handle. "If nothing else, it'll give us a chance to see what we've lost in the months that we haven't been driving. That way, the next time we drive we know exactly what we need to work on." After Mako pulled away from her house, the blonde settled back and relaxed. "Hmmm... I wonder if anyone's going to be on the mountain at this time of day?"

Her reckless inner racer was put to ease once self-discipline kicked in. She wouldn't be speeding anywhere today, which gave them the option of admiring the world's beauty. She was quietly contemplating what Sayuki had brought up. Even without her navigator, Mako still had to practise her driving. She'd done some of that. Nothing serious, of course. She had to get used to it, though, especially after Keisuke had asked to ride with her. She wouldn't be able to rely on him for help, so she had to at least try to train herself. "I suppose we'll find out once we get up there," she said softly, her brown eyes looking over the road in front, taking every few moments to glance around her.

“True enough.” The rest of the ride was quiet, with occasional spurts of conversation as the pair drove through Karuizawa and on to Usui. Once they reached the road that led up the mountain, Sayuki grabbed a hold of the handle above her door with one hand. “Okay, Mako… are you ready for this? Go easy until we hit the first corner, and then hug the inside wall.”

"You're testing me already?" Mako looked over at her for a moment and then felt her lips curl into a smile. It only lasted for a moment, though. she couldn't afford to lose composure during a race, and even practise was no different. She straightened her posture, her concentration falling upon the road, and the theory of being one with her vehicle. The brunette maintained her calm speed and at said corner, the break was hit for only a brief amount of time and with her hand, she turned on the steering wheel in the appropriate direction, before hitting the accelerator again. She had to admit, it was a lot easier having Sayuki's aid.

“Of course I am! We can’t afford to be lax, especially in the very beginning of a race. After all, a great beginning is a key to a great race.” They continued up the mountain in the same fashion, with the navigator occasionally giving out tips and advice to improve Mako’s driving. In what seemed like no time at all, the pair reached the top of the mountain. Seeing a few cars parked in the parking lot at the top, Sayuki turned to the driver. “Hey, Mako! Pull over, would you? Let’s go see who’s here.”

The nice thing about being the driver, was that not having the worries of the road track itself, she could focus her entire attention on her being and her movements. As far as she was concerned, she'd become a part of the road itself, and ached to move with perfect grace and eloquence. Not to mention she was good at following Sayuki's suggestions to a "T". She pulled into a parking space, somewhat away from the other cars, and reached for the key in the ignition, before putting a stop to the purring engine. "Sounds like a plan, Sayuki-chan."

After flashing Mako a teasing grin, the blonde stepped out of the Sil-Eighty, tossing her hair over her shoulder. A few of the regulars were just hanging out around their cars, chatting. One of them just happened to be Daisuke. The guys turned as the two ladies stepped out of their car, and began whistling and cat-calling.

“Oooh, look who decided to show up!” One of the guys gave them a flirtatious grin. “Long time no see, Sayuki. Mako-chan.”

Karma. That's what it was. The grin was just a sign of what was to come. Mako's first reaction was to hide behind her friend, but the blonde probably wouldn't go for that, so instead, she remained standing tall and when she was addressed, she lifted a hand and waved, "Hi, boys...Daisuke-san." What was it Sayuki had said the night before? Flirting was harmless? She could use the practise...

Daisuke flashed the brunette a sheepish grin. “Hi, Mako-chan… haven’t seen you in a while. I saw Sayuki here about a month ago. She and her new boyfriend came into the café,” referring to the place where he worked, and where Sayuki and Mako often frequented.

The blonde sauntered over to the other guys, leaving Mako and Daisuke alone. Flashing Mako the thumbs up, she went ahead and started grilling them on their driving and what they had been up to.

Wait, wait, wait. Sayuki had just left Mako on her own? Didn't the blonde realise she was making a huge mistake? Not even Mako could hide the brief look of shock that came over her face. Of course, as soon as she realised that Sayuki had probably done it on purpose, she vowed to scold the blonde later. She wanted to help grill too. Well...not really. She just didn't want to be left on her own.
Slipping her hands behind her back, she faced Daisuke and tilted her head to the side, giving a soft sigh, "You know how it is. School and all. What have you been up to?" Communication was the key in any relationship, right? That's what she'd thought. It was best to work on that first

“Oh, just work and driving. We’ve been trying out that new way to conserve our tires; you know, the one that you and Sayuki taught us? We’ve been working on that quite a bit,” he said. After an uncomfortable pause, he finally said “So…. Uh, how’s school been treating you?”

Honestly, she thought his life sounded a bit more interesting than her own. She liked school all right, but she would have preferred to have more time for racing. Inwardly, she was counting how many seconds and minutes would go by before Sayuki either called her over or decided to join the conversation. In fact, the blonde was probably watching out of the corner of her eye, giggling to herself, and evaluating Mako's conversation skills. "Hard work pays off, Daisuke-san. I'm sure you guys are doing really good." His inquiry caused her to hesitate for a moment and then she gave a rather large smile, "My finals are over, so I'm glad. I'm looking forward to Christmas and the break. Aren't you too?"

He laughed sheepishly, scratching his neck gently. “Uh, yeah… before I dropped out of college I always looked forward to the breaks. How do you think you did on your finals? I’m sure you did great, because it seems like you do wonderfully in just about everything you do.”

She nearly pursed her lips in a questioning motion. She didn't know that about him. Or did she...? She didn't recall hearing it before. She wanted to address it, but his compliment managed to catch her off guard and she lifted a hand to her chin thoughtfully. "I was a little scatterbrained before the end of my finals," she admitted reluctantly, "but I think I did all right. I work hard and study hard, so I'm sure that's what the accomplishment is all about. It's not the getting or the having, but it's the pursuit." That was sort of her motto on life itself.

Daisuke beamed. “Exactly! And that’s why you make such a good racer, Mako-chan.” His cheeks reddened slightly as he ran a hand through his sandy brown hair. “Uh… I’ve really missed seeing you around, you know. We were starting to worry about the two of you.”

"I wouldn't be half as good if it weren't for Sayuki. She's really the brains behind the operation. I couldn't do it without her. I hope you recognise her talents too." She wasn't being modest; she was being honest. Instinctively out of that nervous habit, she lowered her hands to brush herself off, "If anything ever happened to us, I'm sure you guys would be the first to know. I'll make sure we stop by more often, and even if Sayuki-chan doesn't come with, I'll at least update. I don't want you guys worrying so much."

Daisuke stepped a little closer, giving Mako a broad smile. “That sounds awesome; I’m sure we’ll appreciate it.” Trying to look casual, he stuck his hands in his pockets. “So, um… are you seeing anybody right now? Because I’d like to take you out sometime,” he said quickly. “You know, you may be able to give me tips and stuff.” However, the adoring look in his eyes quickly betrayed his casual suggestion.

The fact that she didn't automatically run off and go hide had to mean something. Still, his inquiry made her wonder. She wasn't the type to date around. And she did like Keisuke, and quite a bit. She wanted to see him again. "Well...um..." She was fishing for an answer and yet the only thing her mind was screaming for was help. At this moment, she was hoping an anvil would fall from the sky and distract him while she went and cowered in a bush somewhere. "...I...don't really know how to answer that at this moment." Honesty? She was never very good with lying.

His face fell slightly, but he quickly recovered. "Oh. I see... well, that's cool. When you are able to answer it, give me a call, okay?"

Just then, Sayuki walked over, finished talking with the others. "Hi, Daisuke!" she chirped. "Cold out today, isn't it? Mako, I'm freezing," she complained, standing next to her best friend for warmth. "How about we get out of here and go back to my house for some hot chocolate?"

That was the part she always disliked seeing. If she could, she wanted to make everyone happy. And for a moment, she almost disregarded her own personal feelings and took him up on his offer. That would make her unassertive, however, and she had to learn to stand up for herself. "Okay! I'd like that a lot. I'm sure after the holidays are over, my heads won't be so much in the clouds. Thank you for being so patient." That smile never left her face. It was important to share her optimism with others.
She couldn't be anymore grateful than when her best friend joined her again. Even the angels were singing in her head. She turned toward the blonde and gave a small nod. "Even I'm a little cold, Sayuki-chan." She slipped an arm around her, retaining that happy expression, "Hot chocolate sounds wonderful. We can have marshmallows too, right?"

"Of course!" Sayuki hugged her friend close, sighing in happiness. "Marshmallows are always required for hot chocolate." She tugged on Mako's hand, leading her towards the car. "Bye, everyone!" she called over her shoulder. After jogging over to the passenger side, she waited impatiently for Mako to unlock the car. Jumping up and down a little, she whined "Hurry, Mako! My fingers are going to fall off soon."

Pulled away rather quickly, she waved back to Daisuke and the others. At the Sil-Eighty, she unlocked the doors and showed herself in with a series of giggles after situation herself in the driver's seat. "Hey, you, get in, or I'm leaving you here." Any moment now, she was going to start scolding her, although affectionately, of course.

Grumbling a little, the navigator slid into her seat and began rubbing her hands together. "I didn't expect it to be so cold today; next time, we should definitely bring gloves. Or a jacket; at least one for me." After clicking her seatbelt together, she looked over at Mako. "Ready for the downhill?" She really wanted to hear about what Daisuke wanted, even though she had an idea. However, now wasn't the time; she could grill Mako back at home.

"Weeeellll, it is winter, you know," Mako stated matter-of-factly. She couldn't deny the coldness either, though. Mentally and physically prepared, she put aside the scoldings. It seemed appropriate to just follow Sayuki's instructions for now. Otherwise, they wouldn't get home in one piece. Giving a soft sigh, she nodded her consent, "In some ways, I prefer the downhill than uphill. You go faster."

"Same here! The downhill is more of a challenge, I think. Uphill, it's simple. Whoever has the most horsepower and the faster car wins. But the downhill is a great equalizer. The older generations can compete with the newer cars and be more on equal ground." Seeing Mako's blank stare, the blonde waved a hand and laughed. "Never mind. Let's just say I agree with you."

That was probably easier. As far as Mako was concerned, she was on vacation, which meant she didn't want to think too hard. She could wait for the next semestre...or whenever she was taking classes again, to resume that state of all study and no play. "...All right." Withdrawing from the parking lot, she headed for the downhill slope, a little more than pleased that their adventure to Usui was over.

The downhill was uneventful, even though they had a few close calls. A car surprised the navigator, who had to frantically call out instructions to Mako in order to avoid hitting it. Other than that, the ride was pretty relaxing. After taking some mental notes on what they needed to work on, Sayuki finally instructed her partner to head for home.

That one small event nearly caused Mako's heart to leap from her chest. She hadn't been in an accident yet, and she couldn't afford to be. Her parents were already worried enough as it was. There was no need to cause them to suffer conniption fits. Needless to say, she was more than relieved when she was on open roads again and resuming the rather populated trail to Sayuki's place. It couldn't have taken that long, with random conversation here and there about miscellaneous topics. It was good to keep Mako from becoming too serious. And even more relieved was she, when the familiar apartment came into view. "Yes...I'd say I'm in need of more practise."

Shrugging, Sayuki stretched out the muscles in her arms. "That makes two of us. But, at least I know now what we should work on, so the next time we head up there it should be more productive." After Mako parked in front of her house, Sayuki got out of the car and waited for her friend to join her. Once that had happened, she led the way up the steps and unlocked the door, sighing in bliss at the blast of heat that came out of the front door. "Oooh, that feels nice," she said, slipping her shoes off and donning a pair of slippers. "So, still up for hot chocolate?" she asked after shutting the door.

Scrambling from the vehicle, she wasted no time in sprinting after Sayuki. She was beginning to remember why she disliked cold weather. It was cold. And she disliked being cold. Rubbing her hands together, and doing a small little victory dance, she regained composure when she was addressed. "It's got to have marshmallows. I'll help you if you'd like." That was the one thing she loved about the cold (oh, and no school too): hot chocolate. That won all.

"Nah, I can get it." Stretching once more, the blonde gave her a winning smile. "After all, you're my guest. I can't let you help me. Just make yourself comfortable, all right? We can drink it down here in the living room- maybe get another movie in- or we can always move up to my room." Beginning to walk to the kitchen as she spoke, Sayuki called back over her shoulder "Just decide on somewhere, and I'll find you. Okay?"

She almost protested, but again, stubborness prevailed. Next time, she'd help whether given permission or not. She didn't like the idea of people doing things for her. Not even Sayuki. In any case, she chose to stay in the living room. A movie would help with some background noise, but she wanted Sayuki's opinion on something. Whether the blonde would give it or not remained to be seen. While the other was preparing their hot chocolate, Mako found herself at the collection of American videos, looking for one to watch.

Humming softly to herself, the navigator went ahead and set the kettle of water on the stove, then grabbed two mugs from a cabinet. After putting some mix in the mugs, she got out marshmallows, whipped cream and milk. Once the kettle started whistling, she turned the stove off and poured some water into each mug, then added the milk to hers. Mixing both cups, she then added marshmallows to both, but also put some whipped cream on hers. Then she carried the steaming cups down the hallway back to the living room, where she found Mako perusing her family's collection of movies and music. "Here," she said, holding out the cup without the whipped cream. "It's hot, so be careful."

Mako was so distracted by such, that she almost didn't notice when Sayuki had approached again. Tearing her eyes from the series of movies, she looked over to the blonde with a smile, "Thanks, Sayuki. It smells really good." She took it gingerly with a hand and very nearly squealed at the presence of marshmallows. "Iiii!" Then she took a deep breath, trying to savour everything that the smell had to offer. Blowing on it for a few moments, she finally took a sip. It was still hot, though, and that was the reason for a sip. Then she sat back down on her knees, "Next time you should let me help."

Shaking her head, the blonde sat down next to her. “Nah, it’s fine. It wasn’t too much work,” Sayuki said, grinning. Also blowing on hers, she then took a small sip and wrinkled her nose. Owww… still too hot. Setting the cup down on the floor next to her, the blonde turned to her best friend. “So, did you pick out anything to watch?

"So? I like helping you. You're my friend. I should help you." She giggled at the facial expression the navigatour made and then placed her cup of hot chocolate before her. Leaning her frame forward carefully, she lifted a movie cover of The Mask of Zorro and she pointed to Antonio Banderas, "Can we watch this one? He looks cuuuuute!"

Sayuki squeed at the picture of Antonia Banderas on the cover. “Oh, yeah, we should definitely watch this one.” Laughing, she admitted, “It’s one of my favorites, actually. I seem to have a thing for black haired men.” She pretended to swoon and leaned against Mako, still giggling.

She nearly clapped her hands together happily. This was the most fun she'd had in a long time, and most of that she owed to Sayuki. When she wasn't being overwhelmed by schoolwork, Mako could finally take some time to herself and enjoy the finer things in life. "Oooh? Then lucky me for being attracted to the same thing. You and I do have similar tastes, then." Playing along, she caught Sayuki as she "swooned" and hugged her close, "If I were a guy and dyed my hair black, does that mean you'd fall for me too?" It was really a hypothetical question, although there seemed to be a little that lied beneath it all.

Taking a moment to ponder this hypothetical question, Sayuki moved in a little closer to Mako and tapped her chin with her finger. “Mako, if you were a black-haired guy, I’d be all over you in a heartbeat,” she joked. “You’re so adorable; how could I possibly resist?“ Even though Sayuki had never really thought about her best friend in that way before, there did seem to be an underlying current of emotion underneath her joking.

The words said she was teasing. The blush said Mako was a little pleasantly embarrassed. "That's sweet of you, Sayuki-chan. I don't really know what I'd do without you." It was a little strange, though, because she felt a different kind of love for her best friend. She couldn't quite pinpoint what it was or where the source had come from. She never questioned it, though, because she knew she would never ever pull a move on Sayuki. "Personally, I think it's the other way around. It's you I can't say no to."

Grinning and also blushing a little (she always blushed when someone she cared about complimented her, although she would never admit it), Sayuki hugged Mako close. “Well, it’s good to know that I’m irresistible to someone,” she teased again.

"...I've always found you irresistible. I always will," Mako replied quietly. A hand lifted, and grazed her fingertips over Sayuki's hairline affectionately. She'd always wanted her companion to know exactly how much she treasured her, how lost she would be without her. She couldn't quite find the words, though.

Blinking a little in shock at Mako’s honest response, Sayuki blushed a little more; her mind cursing how pale her skin was. She was sure that Mako could see her pink cheeks by now. However, she was enjoying the attention too much, and moved her head onto Mako’s shoulder so she could enjoy the stroking a lot more. “Awww, thanks, Mako. I feel the same way.” The navigator grinned. “Like I said, you’re so adorable, so how could I ever resist you?”

Sayuki was cute. Well, cute was an understatement. Sayuki was beautiful. Mako allowed her to reposition herself and she held her gently, the way she would have for any friend of hers. Then again, she didn't have any friends as close to her as Sayuki was. "You give me too much credit. I think I'm only as cute as my company. You're rubbing off on me, you know." Before she wouldn't have liked that. Now, it was becoming more a second nature to her.

“Awww, thanks, Mako!” Smiling a lot at the compliment, the navigator wordlessly tried to encourage Mako to keep stroking her hairline. It felt really nice, and she didn’t want Mako to stop. “Well, I think we rub off on each other. But that’s a good thing, since we make such an awesome team.” Putting her arms casually around Mako’s waist, Sayuki had to laugh. “Look. The movie’s already started, and we haven’t even been paying any attention.” A slight pause. “But that’s fine, since we can watch this anytime we want. Talking with you is much more fun.”

It was an instinctive thing to do. When she was younger, her parents would do the same. It always seemed to soothe her. And although Sayuki didn't need soothing, she knew it felt nice too. Her fingertips were careful as they idly wandered the silky blonde strands. "An awesome team..." Mako echoed softly. That was true. They did. They made a wonderful team. "You're right." And she wouldn't give that up for anything. She glanced over to the telly and smiled, "I guess that means I think you're cuter than Mr. Banderas. Hee, hee."

Grinning as well, Sayuki nodded in agreement. “Well, I think it’s safe to say that I think the same thing.” Reaching around Mako for her hot chocolate, the blonde sipped at it happily, staring at the action going on in the movie. “Mmm… hot chocolate.” When Sayuki got some whipped cream on her nose after taking too big of a sip, she had to laugh at herself. “Oh my god… I am just having emergencies with this hot chocolate.”

"Oh? You think you're cuter than Antonio too, hm?" That invoked a chuckle from the brunette. She followed suit, taking a sip from her own. With the cuddling, affection, and all, it had finally cooled down to the point where they didn't have to blow on it. The marshmallows had melted for the most part and that made the little girl in Mako sad. When Sayuki began to laugh, she turned her attention over to her, and then resisting the temptation to lick it off herself, she used her index finger instead, "Mmmm! That tastes yummy! Do you taste like that all over, Sayuki-chan?" Her lips lifted into a smile and she tilted her head to the side.

Grinning impishly, Sayuki shrugged and took another sip. “I don’t know, Mako, seeing as how I really don’t go around tasting myself.” She stuck a finger in the whipped cream and licked it off absent-mindedly. “And yes, I do think I’m cuter than Antonio.” She sighed happily when Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas met for the first time. “See, the attraction between these two is instant,” she grinned. “You can obviously tell that they want each other.” Deep down, Sayuki was a romantic… she loved it when people in movies had such obvious sexual tension.

She stuck her tongue out at her companion and chuckled softly, "Valid point, Sayuki." She'd turned her attention back to the movie. That Zorro guy certainly was a looker. She couldn't deny that in any respect. When she heard the blonde speak again, her eyebrows furrowed, "I didn't know you were so perceptive about those kinds of things. That's unlike you, or at least, of what I expected. I admit, though, it's definitely refreshing." Mako just liked the fluff. She thought that was adorable. She liked romance, almost a little too much.

Sayuki stuck her tongue out at Mako in return. “Well, when you watch enough of these movies, you kind of understand what’s going on the characters.” Licking more whipped cream off her finger, she sighed happily. “Romance is great, don’t you think? I like being a girl… that way, I can think about this stuff and no one will give me weird looks. Well, that’s not really true,” she said. “After all, I’m a little tomboyish in some respects; some people may think it’s weird. You don’t, do you?”

Could she deny that what her best friend said was true? She was rather fond of romance herself and she didn't think there was anything wrong with Sayuki liking it either. She might have been a tomboy, but that didn't mean she was to be held to that standard. She shook her head slowly, "I think you should like whatever you want to like. If you like romantic stuff too, then that's just one more thing we have in common. Don't you agree?"

“Oh, completely.” Sipping at her hot chocolate again, Sayuki made herself comfortable against Mako and continued to watch the rest of the movie, smiling happily whenever Antonio was onscreen. He really is a good looking man... she thought. But he also reminded her a little bit of Shingo. Wrinkling her nose a little in disgust, she leaned over and whispered to Mako, “You know, I changed my mind. I’d take you over him any day, even if you’re not a black-haired man.” Giving her best friend a smile, she suddenly shivered. “Whoa. I just got cold all of a sudden. I’ll go find us a blanket.”

An oblivious smile found Mako's face and stayed until that whisper reached her ears. A crimson shade pervaded over her features and she looked over to Sayuki, "O-oh...?" That was flattering to be sure. And quite to the point. Then again, Sayuki never was one to beat around the bush. Her eyelashes fluttered in vague confusion and then she nodded slowly, "All...right..." That would give her some time to think about what the blonde had just said.

After moving up to her room, Sayuki grabbed her warmest blanket off the bed and moved back down to the living room, where she promptly wrapped Mako in half of the blanket. “There, all better?” she asked, before sitting back down next to her and covering her own body up with the rest of the comforter.

While the blonde had excused herself, Mako was sipping from her hot chocolate that Sayuki had so kindly made for her. When she was joined by her companion again, she was still suffering from the blush, but blamed it on her drink. All nice and warm with the other, her face broke into a rather bright smile, "Hee, thank you!" Then she looked over to her and her gaze softened, "This is really nice. I've had so much fun with you, Sayuki-chan."

Smiling back at Mako, the navigator picked up her hot chocolate again. “No problem, Mako! I’ve had a lot of fun as well, but I usually do when we’re together. And I think we needed a sleepover, ‘cause I’ve missed hanging out with you. And now I get you all to myself for an entire weekend.” She took a sip of her drink and focused back on the movie. “It’s just nice to have time to do things like this again, don’t you think?”

"Hee, hee. You're right. We really needed a sleepover," she agreed. She was enjoying this. Then again, she always enjoyed her time with Sayuki. The blonde knew that, though. Mako had said it many times before. Then she chuckled at Sayuki's comment, "My, you're certainly possessive." She gave a soft sigh as she turned her attention to the handsome Hispanic. "It is... I missed this with you, you know."

“Un.” Sayuki nodded her agreement and continued to watch the movie with Mako, almost falling asleep a few times. Once the climactic battle had been fought, the bad guys defeated and the hero got the girl, the movie (of course) ended with a happily ever after. Sighing, the blonde stretched. “Oooh, I’d forgotten how much I love that movie. Good choice, Mako!”

She threw her hands up in a cheer, after putting her hot chocolate down, "Brownie points for me!" And it seemed so out of character for her, that she covered her mouth in surprise, "O-oh, I mean..." Well, there was no hiding it now. She pointed to the empty cup, "I blame the chocolate and the sugar." Chocolate was something that naturally made people happy, and she was most certainly happy at the time.

Laughing, Sayuki finished stretching. “Uh huh… I’m sure it was just the hot chocolate making you be all crazy tonight.” Looking at the time, she put a hand over her stomach. “I hadn’t realized how late it is! I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

The sarcasm made Mako pull a face, "Tch. Don't even start with me, woman. Keisuke might be on my mind, but it certainly isn't affecting me that badly. I just want to enjoy my time with you. Is that so bad?" She reached over with a hand and nudged her gently. Then she thought about what she said and realised her stomach had been growling the entire time, "Oh, my gosh, you're right! We've been talking so much that we completely ignored the need for nourishment. No wonder my tummy's been so loud."

Pretending to look shocked, the navigator got up. “You, have Keisuke on your mind? I never would have guessed!” After stretching a little more and rubbing her back, Sayuki said “Well, we could always order something. You know that I can’t even cook rice very well. Then we can quiet the troll that’s in your stomach,” she teased.

Her jaw dropped in mock shock, "Saiyuuuukiiiiii." Her voice held a warning, but one of the lightest weight, that it was obvious she wasn't serious. Then she looked over to the blonde before lunging at her, throwing her arms around her in an embrace, "Why must you tease me? One of these days I'm going to take you seriously and be sad!" That wasn't true either, but hey, she couldn't stop now.

Laughing, Sayuki hugged Mako back tightly. “Come on, you know I’m just kidding. And anyway, it’s just so fun to tease you, Mako. You get so embarrassed sometimes. It’s really cute!” Scratching at her back a little, the blonde sighed. “Okay, so? Do you want to order something? What do you want to eat? I’m up for pretty much anything, so you can choose.”

"You're lucky I know you're kidding." She could have gone on that all day, but she chose not to. Releasing the blonde, she rose back to her feet and strehtched her arms over her head, "Hm...if we order something... Let's have teriyaki or sushi or something! I'll even help pay. Teriyaki sounds good, though. What are you hungry for?"

“Oooh, teriyaki sounds good.” Motioning for Mako to follow her, Sayuki made her way to the kitchen, and went to look through one of the many take-out menus she kept there. Since she wasn’t able to cook, the navigator tended to eat out a lot. It’s not like she didn’t have the money to. “And you’re not paying,” she said sternly. “I can do it.” Handing the menu to Mako, she smiled. “I think I’ll just have teriyaki chicken. What about you?”

That was a difference between the two. Mako could cook, and damn well too. One of these times, she'd have to start making food for Sayuki too. Following her into the kitchen, she waited until the menu was handed to her, "Everyone has this thing against me paying for anything. It's kind of sweet, although I think you are all conspiring against me." Looking over the menu, she made a variety of faces. "Oooh! Sweet and sour chicken. I like that too. Teriyaki or sweet and sour. I almost have to go for the latter." Then she gave a sharp nod, confirming her decision.

Grinning, Sayuki took back the menu and picked up the phone. “Awesome. You can order sweet and sour, I’ll order teriyaki chicken and then we can share.” After saying what they wanted and adding vegetables, rice and some green tea ice cream to the order, she was told that it would be about half an hour. Placing the phone back in the cradle, she turned to Mako. “Okay, half an hour wait. Can we make it, do you think?”

"You read my mind!" Mako smiled at the idea. She would have said it, but didn't feel it was necessary. "That sounds fantastic." She waited until the blonde was done, pacing back and forth in the kitchen, wondering how long it would take her doing that to wear out the floor. When Sayuki was done, she slipped her hands behind her back thoughtfully, "Um...yeah. If we've gone all day without food, I think we can go another half hour. If not, then I'll just have to eat you. How's that?"

Pretending to be shocked, Sayuki clapped her hand over her mouth. “Mako!” she said, quickly moving her hand back down to her side. “Not if I eat you first,” she said, laughing. “But I don’t know how you’d be able to resist, since I do taste like whipped cream, apparently.”

She poked at her companion affectionately with a rather large smile, "You wouldn't eat me. You love me too much. Besides, Keisuke would come looking for me and I'm sure that would be a weird one to explain." She giggled softly and tugged on the blonde hair gently. "I'm not hungry enough to eat you, so there." Instead of sticking out her tongue again, which was what she wanted to do, she merely smiled.

Grinning back, Sayuki poked her in the side. “Yeah, that would be very odd to explain. And I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me eating you, so I guess I’ll just have to curb my appetite,” she said rather wistfully. “Well, what should we do until our food gets here?”

Mako chuckled softly, "It can't be that bad, can it? Are you truly that hungry?" The other inquiry caused her to pause for a moment and she folded her arms across her chest thoughtfully. "Hm... A good question indeed. Let's...study!" Then she shook her head, "I'm teasing. Definitely not serious."

Laughing, Sayuki draped an arm around Mako’s shoulders. “I’m glad you’re not serious. Because if you were, I wouldn’t know what we would study. After all, I haven’t been in school since we graduated.” Steering the brunette back towards the living room, she smiled. “Hmmm… well, we could start watching another movie, or talk for a while.” Sayuki really had no preference, so she decided to let Mako choose.

"Or we could do what we did with the Mask of Zorro and say we're going to watch the movie and actually talk during most of it," she responded. After all, that seemed to have worked out pretty well. "I could go either way. I almost feel like I haven't talked to you enough, though. Maybe it's just because I haven't seen you for a while."

“That’s true. We can put a movie on for background noise.” After sitting Mako down in their blanket, the navigator quickly chose a movie and put it in the DVD player. Then she made her way back over to the comforter, settling back down. “I hope you don’t mind ‘Phantom of the Opera,’” the blonde said. “I haven’t seen that movie since it came out on DVD.”

The brunette shook her head, "On the contrary, I'm actually quite fond of that movie. They've made so many movies from it, though. I sort of wish they would just stick with one." She couldn't complain too much, though. They really were quite good, all of them. She sat down beside Sayuki and relished in the music, "I adore stage theatre. I wish I went to see more of it, or got involved. That would be neat."

“I agree,” Sayuki said, delighted that even after all of these years she could still find something unexpected in common with her best friend. “Live theatre is the best. Especially musical theatre.” Even though the blonde couldn’t sing very well, she adored music.

It seemed there was far more to Sayuki than what met the eye. She appreciated the same sort of thing and Mako thought it was very, very neat. "I have to go along with you on that. I'm rather fond of musicals. I wish I could get in one without getting so nervous. One of these times, we should audition together." She could do anything if Sayuki was at her side.

Laughing, the blonde looked at Mako. “Okay, that sounds good. We should definitely try it some day.” Sighing happily, she rested her head on Mako’s shoulder. “Mmm… you’re really warm, Mako.” She had to laugh again. “I could just keep you around so you can be my permanent heater,” she teased. “I don’t think I’ll be cold anymore if we keep snuggling like this.”

A nod was given, a sign of her consent. They would someday. When Sayuki moved in on her, she slipped her arm around her loosely. "Well, if I'm useful then that's all that matters, I would suppose. I'm glad to be of service."

A low laugh. "Well, if I can ever return the favor, just let me know." After that, Sayuki was quiet for a while, focusing on the movie. She let the music and Mako's scent wash over her, and she fell into some kind of trance.

"...You do more than you know," the brunette responded slowly. That was true. Sayuki helped coax her out of her shell. She helped her communicate better. She forced her to do things on her own. And all of that was really important.

"Mmmm..." the navigator said in response, smiling at Mako. "Whooo... I feel kind of out of it," she said, laughing. "But I'm glad that I can help you. Because that's what friends do, right? They help each other."

"You're probably just hungry," Mako stated. She lifted a her arm from around her and began to pet her again. "You always help me, in little and big ways. I wish that I could help you more, though. Sometimes I don't think I do enough. I try, though, and I guess that's what really counts."

Smiling at the attention, Sayuki closed her eyes and went back into her trace. “Well, you do help me a lot. And even if you didn’t, I’m okay with that. If I wasn’t happy with you, I’d tell you.” She grinned. “You know how I am; very opinionated. You can’t keep me from talking, even when I’m not supposed to. So, don’t worry about it, okay? You being there for me is enough.” Since Sayuki had never had that kind of support growing up, things like that were very important. And since Mako did it without even asking, the blonde knew that she could always count on Mako to be there for her when she needed it.

That was touching. It was rare that the two spoke like this. In fact, a majority of the time, she thought Sayuki looked down on the sentimental discussions and what not. Apparently that wasn't the case. Or she was seeing a side of Sayuki she'd never seen before. There were a lot of sides like that. If she were anymore of a dork, she would have compared such sides to the 20-sided die used in a D&D game. "...I don't mind hearing you talk. You fill in the silence for me. I appreciate that." Then she paused and bit down on her bottom lip, "I guess what I'm trying to say is that we balance each other out."

Normally, Sayuki didn’t like to have sentimental discussions. The few times she had had them had been with her parents, and those had turned out poorly. So, she usually tried to avoid them whenever necessary. But with Mako, it felt like she could talk about random stuff, sentimental or otherwise, and still be okay. That was a nice feeling. “I agree. Like I said, it’s why we make such a good team,” Sayuki said, laughing softly.

"Right. I hope we'll always be together like this. I don't think I could handle things on my own," she confessed. Mako had self-confidence, but she needed help from Sayuki to keep that up. She needed someone to have faith in her and no one was better at that then her best friend.

Emotions rolled around in Sayuki like a hamster in a hamster ball. “Mako…” she breathed, leaning forward. “Of course we’ll be together! We’re Impact Blue! No one can ever take us away from each other.”

That almost scared Mako, actually. It was put out so strongly that she almost didn't know what to do or how to respond. "You're right. I'm acting silly. Sorry. Guess I just got a little nervous for a bit. Sometimes I worry that you're going away from me, even though you're really not."

Sticking her tongue out the brunette, the navigator laughed. “You are acting very silly. Even if we don’t have as much time now, we’ll still be together.” She played with a few strands of Mako’s hair. “You’re just being paranoid, now,” she reprimanded gently. Sometimes with Mako, Sayuki had to hold herself back. A gentle touch was sometimes needed, and that’s what she constantly tried to work on with her best friend. Being quiet and gentle was definitely not her forte.

She looked over at the blonde and nodded slowly, "I know you're right. I need to work on that." When she really thought about it, maybe Sayuki wasn't moving as far away as she thought. Maybe Mako was the one doing the moving away. After all, she had the...sort of boyfriend and school and stuff. And Sayuki had work and her potential boyfriend and what not. That meant they just needed to spend some more time together during their free time.

“I think we both do. Let‘s work on that together, all right?” Okay, enough of this sentimental talk. “So…” she asked casually. “What did Daisuke want to talk to you about?” Even though she already had an idea, she wanted to hear it from Mako, herself.

"Together," Mako repeated with a smile. She could do that. She didn't mind at all. Then that fated name came up. She lifted an eyebrow, "...He wanted to know if I would go on a date with him. Speaking of which..." She leaned over and tugged on the blonde's tips, "What's the meaning of leaving me to fend for myself??"

Holding up her hands, Sayuki tried to defend herself. “Hey, I didn’t know that he wanted to talk to you about something like that.” After a moment, she gave Mako a serious look. “So, what did you say to him?”

"You should have! You know he's had his eye on me! And you know I'm not good in situations like that," she shook her head quickly and then gave a small shrug. The inquiry made her think, "I told him I wasn't sure where I was at relationship wise. I didn't know if I was going to see Keisuke-san again and I really didn't want to tell him that Keisuke and I had gone on a date not too long ago. What should have I said?"

Sayuki shrugged and leaned back against the couch, eyes flickering to the movie. “I don’t know… I was just surprised that he actually came out and said something.” She laughed a little. “After all, he’s been pining after you for years; it must have taken him a long time to gather his courage.” The blonde reached over and ruffled Mako’s hair gently. “But hey- you feel what you feel, right? No need in leading him on.”

As much as the brunette wanted to concentrate on the movie, she very well couldn't do that now. Sayuki had succeeded in making her feel a little guilty, whether intentional or not, Mako didn't know. She bit down on her bottom lip, "...I guess...I was a little too hard on him." She couldn't think of a way to be any easier, though. She could have been so much more rude and she wasn't. In fact, she inwardly thought she'd been far too nice.

“Nah, you weren’t. It was good for him to finally hear the truth. Like I said, I think that if you did go out on a date with him, you’d give him false hope.” Sayuki poked Mako in the side. “So, it was good that you nipped it in the bud. I’m proud of you for being so honest.”

"It's too hard trying to make everyone happy. Too hard and impossible. I wish I didn't feel like I had to accomplish something so outlandish," she responded simply. She might have gotten lost in her thoughts had the blonde not poked her. She squeaked and brought a hand to her side to shield herself in case it happened again, "Perhaps you're finally rubbing off on me."

Laughing, Sayuki wrapped her arms around her best friend and hugged her. “Maybe. There’s nothing wrong with telling people what you want, you know.” She stuck her tongue out a little. “But, anyway. I just wanted to know what you and Daisuke were up to.” Her stomach growled a little, and she rolled her eyes. “I want our fooooooooooood!”

Giving a soft giggle, Mako found the burden on her heart lightening again and she returned the embrace. She wasn't sure what to make of Sayuki's advice, though. "...I guess so." She wasn't quite used to anything like that, and probably didn't intend to start any time soon. In fact, she was about to protest and when Sayuki mentioned food, she suddenly found herself wanting the same thing. "How long did they say it'd take them? Only like twenty minutes, right? They're slow, and I'm disappointed."

“Me, too! I guess I’m just going to have to go with my original plan and eat you,” the blonde teased. “After all, it’s more convenient that way.”

Mako pulled a face at Sayuki's teasing. Shaking her head, she began to laugh, "Hey, now! That was my idea first, remember? You should at least give me some credit before you do eat me." Then she lifted her hands into her companion's blonde hair and ruffled it affectionately, "By the way, when you do, make sure you put me with some curry spice or something. I'd be sort of drab on my own."

Sayuki made a face at her hair being ruffled. “I’ll be sure to add that to my shopping list,” she mock growled. She was about to say something else, but the doorbell interrupted her thoughts. “Oh my god! About time, too!” Getting up, she went to the door and answered it, a huffy sway in her hips.

"Tch. If that's the case, consider me gone, missy. I will hide if I know you plan on eating me." She was still teasing, though. When the sound of the doorbell reached her ears, the brunette nearly jumped up. Instead, she allowed Sayuki that honour and followed after her slowly, trying to retain some patience and dignity. "Maybe they'll give it to us for free on account that they were so late." One could always hope.

Once the door had been opened, Sayuki looked out and saw a very sheepish looking delivery boy. “Ummm… you ordered some food, right?” he managed to squeak out. “I had some trouble finding the place, so here.” He handed the blonde the food. “It’s on us, so please don’t be mad.”

Shaking her head, the blonde had to chuckle a little. “It’s okay, really. Just try not to let it happen again.” Working in retail made her more sensitive to how hard working in an industry where “the customer is always right” is. “It’ll be our secret, all right?”

“Th-thanks!” he squeaked again. Then he was gone- it seemed like he couldn’t wait to leave, and as fast as possible.

Obviously the delivery boy was new. Mako felt a little bad for him. Sayuki was often intimidating and the brunette half expected her best friend to wallop the poor boy. When that didn't happen, however, she was a little surprised. She found a smile coming over her lips and then she laughed softly. "Wow! I've never seen you so nice, Sayuki-chan. It was probably because you felt bad for him. He did look like he's got a bit of a rough time ahead of him." She could sympathise to a point, but just a point.

Shrugging a little, Sayuki laughed. “Well, I can understand how he feels. It really sucks when people yell at you for things that you have no control over.” She closed the door and handed the food to Mako. “And the food’s here; the most important part. So, the eating you is going to have to come later. Maybe for dessert,” she teased.

"Not if I eat you first," she shot back as she took the food into her own grasp. It certainly smelled divine. Then again, she supposed Keisuke could have used his lack of culinary skills to make food and it would have been just as good. Either way, she was quite hungry and was down to her last amount of sanity before ripping open the boxes and chowing down. "I think after this, we won't need any dessert. I intend to eat a lot of food."

Nodding in agreement, the blonde laughed again. “I agree,” she said. Then she scooted herself and Mako towards the kitchen, trying not to pass out from hunger. “Well, there’s no point in just looking at the boxes! Let’s eat.”

Sayuki's companion almost cheered. Almost. She had more sense than to do something ridiculous like that. Mako nodded and the moment they got to the kitchen, she separated their individual items and opened up the boxes. "Is it safe to assume that the moment we grab utensils it's a free-for-all concerning our food?" She pointed to her own box and then Sayuki's about three inches to the left.

Grinning, Sayuki pulled her box a little closer. “I don’t know if I want you near my box,” she said. “But yes, once we have utensils, I say just go for it. I’m done being patient.” She then went over to the utensil drawer and grabbed two sets, then went to the fridge and got out two bottles of water. Tossing one to Mako, she set the other bottle and utensils down on the table. “You ready?”

She stuck her tongue out at the blonde, good-naturedly, of course, and then lifted a hand to catch the bottle headed her way. That would probably be useful.  Chinese food had a tendency to get salty and too much salt really...wasn't enjoyable. "This really isn't an eating contest, you know," she giggled a little as she lifted one of the eating implements. Yes, sure, she wanted to eat, but she wasn't going to be barbaric about it.

Sayuki mock glared at her. “Are you chickening out on me?!” Sitting down by Mako at the table, she grabbed her set of eating devices. After sneaking a peek, she leaned over and grabbed some of Mako’s sweet and sour chicken. “Mmm, delicious,” the blonde said, swallowing quickly.

"I-it wasn't eating contest to begin with!" Mako exclaimed as she reached out with her free hand to protectively take her box. "Heeeeey! You have your own. Don't eat mine!" For a brief moment, she wondered if the more primitive people were like that as well. If so, she assumed most didn't sound as high-pitched as she did when she was whining.

Laughing, the navigator patted Mako on the head gently. “I’m sorry, but you were asking for it,” she teased. “Here, you can have some of mine, if that will make you feel better.” With a good-natured eye roll, Sayuki slid her box of teriyaki towards the brunette.

She stuck her instrument into one piece of meat and happily nibbled upon it. It really hit the spot too. "Awh, that's sweet of you, Sayuki. And yes, it does make me feel better." Mako paused for a moment and then smiled softly, "Thank you for dinner. I really appreciate it."

“My pleasure.” Sayuki grinned back at her. “I’m just glad that we can finally eat.” Picking up some meat with her chopsticks, she twirled them around. “I suppose I should be thanking you for spending the weekend with me. It’s been really fun; like how we used to be in high school.”

"I couldn't agree with you more," the brunette stated simply. "My patience was really wearing thin." An eyebrow lifted as she watched her companion and then gave a small shrug of the shoulders. "Just because we're not in high school anymore doesn't mean we're not allowed to sometimes act like we are. I've really enjoyed myself here. You know that, though." She knew she wasn't hiding it that much.

Sayuki chuckled a little and took a sip of water. “That’s true. It’s nice to act so carefree; even though it’s much harder now.” The blonde leaned over and nuzzled at Mako’s shoulder, then stole another piece of chicken. “I’ve had a lot of fun, too! We should definitely try and do this whenever we can.” It was nice just spending time with her best friend- all of her troubles about Shingo, work, etc. just melted away when she was around Mako.

This time she chose not to make a single fuss. There was nothing wrong with sharing and Mako was beginning to feel like she wasn't starving. She thought about what Sayuki had said and nodded slowly. Things were a lot more difficult for her, though, than the brunette. It was wiser not to say that, though. "We should. We still have trip to the hotsprings too. I bet that will be absolutely wonderful. Then again, it wouldn't really matter to me where we were, as long as I was with you, I guess."

“My thoughts exactly.” Sighing happily, the blonde nibbled on some of her rice and carrots. “The trip should be fun! I’m looking forward to it already, even though we don’t have any plans for it yet. After all, I really do need a vacation besides my few months off.” She gave Mako an affectionate look. “So, let’s try and go soon, okay? But not too soon! I need to find a cute new bathing suit to bring with me; just in case we meet any hot guys there,” she said, giggling a little.

Like with most things, Sayuki definitely seemed more excited. That was natural, though, so it didn't bother the brunette a single bit. She was eating in stride, maintaining that calm composure she normally had. She was looking forward to the trip herself, but she didn't want to sound overly eager, so she kept the anticipation to her personal thoughts and ideas. "We'll go whenever you'd like to go, Sayuki. Just make sure to inform me, you know, a few days ahead of schedule." She didn't like waiting until the last minute. Besides if she did that, she was certain her parents would flip out. Maybe.

“Oh, of course, of course!” She waved her hand at Mako. “Have I ever not let you know ahead of time?” she asked, grinning impishly. Of course, she almost always never let Mako in on the plans they made until it was too late for the brunette to change her mind, but she’d make an exception. Just this once, though. Sayuki went back to eating her teriyaki, listening to the faint sounds of Christine and Raoul singing their declarations of love to one another coming from the living room.

Mako pulled a face at the blonde. It was a good thing her companion already knew the answer to the rhetorical inquiry. It didn't mean Mako was anymore amused by the solution, however. It wasn't always easy to get herself out of conflict, especially when Sayuki was involved. "Well...as long as it's not like fifteen minutes ahead of time. I like being organised, and you know it." She laughed a little to herself, considering what a mess her room was currently in back home. She'd have to fix that later. For now, though, she was far more interested in being with Sayuki.

“Okay, okay. You caught me,” she said, laughing. “I’ll definitely try and let you know as soon as possible…. But you know how I am.” Sayuki ate a few more carrots. “And I know you like being organized, but that’s why you love me so much. I’m here to make you UN-organized. And you like it that way.”

"Yes. You tend to get a bit...ecstatic." One of these days, the brunette wondered if her friend would ever change. She sort of hoped not. She liked that Sayuki was less mature, because it meant she didn't have to change. Sayuki offset her perfectly and in knowing that, she made no attempts to protest. Instead, a nod was given and she returned her attention onto her food.

“Pffft. What’s wrong with being ecstatic?” Sayuki gave her a mock glare before also returning to her food, munching on her rice in bliss. Eventually, she zoned out a little, pondering everything that had happened over the past few months. However, faint sounds from the movie would eventually interrupt her thoughts and snap her out of her reverie. It was amazing how things could change…

Mako lifted her hands and waved them back and forth, poking herself in the face with the back end of her chopsticks. Scrunching up her nose at the lack of grace and eloquence, she tried to maintain some dignity, lowering her right hand. "I-I didn't say there was anything wrong!" She knew Sayuki was teasing, though, and showed such by a grin. Enjoying the moment, the serenity, the tranquility, Mako worked on finishing her sweet and sour chicken. And some moments later, she began to half-heartedly hum along with the music from the movie. She and Sayuki really would have to audition for a musical one of those times.

Laughing a little, Sayuki quickly finished off her food. “Be careful to not hurt yourself,” she said in an amused voice. Taking the box, she threw it away and then put the chopsticks and other utensils she had grabbed in their dishwasher. Rejoining Mako, she began to hum along with the music as well. Even though her voice wasn’t as pretty as the brunette’s, she knew that it was strong. And power meant a lot in music.

"Better to hurt myself than to have you eat me," Mako replied, about as amused as her companion. Fulfilling her obsessive compulsive behaviour, the brunette folded down her box before disposing of it. Then she rinsed off her own chopsticks and put them with Sayuki's in the dishwasher. When the blonde chose to join the humming, a silly grin found its home upon Mako's lips and seemed to refuse a dismissal of any sort. Finally, she decided to speak, "You know, you really do have some amazing potential, Sayuki. Perhaps you should look into voice lessons or something like that."

“You think so?” The blonde shook her head a little. “Well, I think you’re crazy,” she teased, poking Mako in the side. “Voice lessons could be fun, though. And they’d help me keep my mind off things. But we’ll see what develops.” Grabbing her water with one hand, she took Mako’s hand with the other. “Let’s go finish our movie, now that we’ve been fed.”

She shrugged, making a grab at Sayuki, which failed miserably, and then lifted her arms above her head to stretch. "It was just an idea. You really don't need to take me up on it. But you also know I wouldn't say it unless I genuinely meant it." She started to protest some more when Sayuki took her hand. Then she gave an affirmative nod, "That does sound like a good idea. The Phantom of the opera doesn't like being ignored anyhow."

“I know, and I appreciate your honestly.” Settling back down on the couch, she tugged on Mako’s hand until the brunette joined her. “Ahhh, Gerard Butler…” Sayuki sighed happily. “He is one sexy beast. Much better than Antonio,” she said, laughing.

In some ways, Sayuki was like a young child. It was a good thing Mako had a lot of patience, otherwise she might have been quick to aggravation. Sitting down beside the blonde, she was quiet for a moment, silently contemplating who she liked more. "I admire Gerard's voice, but I happen to adore Antonio's accent. It's not really fair to judge the two, though. I mean, Zorro and the Phantom are two very different roles."

Sayuki grinned a little and nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I have to agree. But looks wise, I’d have to pick Gerard every time. After all, he has an adorable accent, as well!”

"Yes, but Spanish is just so much more...I don't know, exotic. Like Australians. I think Aussie's have wonderful accents. I sort of wish I had one." It never failed. She probably didn't realise that both she and Sayuki had their own accents. Having lived in Japan the entire time, though, it was to be expected. It did also explain the odd looks she got whenever she went to America.

“That’s true. I want an Italian accent,” the blonde said wistfully. “They have such a beautiful language.” She snuggled into Mako, half for comfort and half for warmth. “Is it really cold in here or is it just me?”

"An Italian accent, hm? Well, you could pass for Italian, I suppose. You've a darker complexion than me," Mako commented as she reached out a hand and danced her fingertips across Sayuki's collarbone. She honestly didn't know much Italian. She was sure she could have learned, but she was more interested in discovering Latin first, and that was no easy task. She welcome the closeness between the two and lifted an eyebrow at the question, "I'm not really that cold, but you are, so I'll keep you warm."

Shivering a little from both the cold she was feeling and at Mako’s fingers on her collarbone, Sayuki shot her a grateful smile and edged even closer. “Thanks, Mako! I can always count on you.” She promptly decided that Mako’s shoulder was a good pillow, and plunked her head down almost immediately after the thought occurred to her.

In her own opinion, Mako believed that she was bony and therefore uncomfortable. Clearly that wasn't the case. Then again, she'd never tried to use herself as a pillow, not that it was possible in the first place. In any case, she was always a little overwhelmed when Sayuki would decide to cuddle with her. When they were younger, it seemed expected on account of their childhood together, but Mako was older now and she wasn't quite as innocent, juvenile, or naive as she had been previously. "...Yes. Yes, you can, Sayuki."

Hugging her close, Sayuki made the mistake of closing her eyes. The food in her stomach had added to her exhaustion, and within a few minutes she had drifted off to sleep. Even with the music of “Phantom” blasting, it didn’t wake her up at all. Before she had slipped into unconsciousness, she had the faint that that Mako felt nice and smelled really good… it was a nice thing, to be able to count on someone like Mako.

This moment was enjoyable. It was comforting. And even Mako was getting a little tired. Actually, that was an understatement. She was really tired. Food and warmth amplified that feeling. She gave a gentle sigh, lifting an arm before slipping it around Sayuki's shoulder. She must have been half awake. Must have been. The music she heard kept going in and out of focus. Either way, she hoped she'd have enough sense to send the two to bed soon.