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unfinished loggie XD; [Mar. 6th, 2007|02:58 am]
日本まで... Where it's made...


charatcers: Yuki & Shuichi
when: 2/20, evening
summary: Shuichi begs Yuki to pick him up from work... And they get trapped inside of the studio. [im to log]
warnings: what else is new with them? Although, it's pretty clean, considering what it's supposed to be xD

xtechnopockyx: Yuki!!!!!!
Tragic Romnce: hm?
xtechnopockyx: :D
xtechnopockyx: Come pick me up! I'm tired of working!
Tragic Romnce: Eh...
Tragic Romnce: Cant Nakano take you home?
xtechnopockyx: T_T But I want you to!
Tragic Romnce: ... fine.
xtechnopockyx: :D Yay!

After a bit, Yuki left the apartment and made it to NG Studios. He parked and started making his way over to the entrance, his hands in his pockets.

Shuichi was inside, playing on the computer while he waited for Yuki. He carefully avoided K, so not to get shot or something equally unnecessary. He spun around in his chair a few times before shutting the computer off and heading down the hall to see if Yuki was at the studio.

The novelist wasnt sure exactly where Shuichi wanted him to wait for him... so he picked a wall and leaned against it, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. He took a drag, and let the smoke escape his lips. What a pest. He tells Yuki to pick him up and he's not even outside.

The singer sprinted down towards the main entrance, spotting Yuki's car in the parking lot. Throwing the main doors open, he spotted his lover. "Yuki! Hi!!!" With a grin and a leap, he was soon flying towards the blond.

Yuki was tempted to move aside and let the kid face-plant... but he was past that stage and let his lover fly against him, as he balanced the cigarette on his lips... stepping back a little to stay standing. "Was work long?" He asked simply.

After burying his face in Yuki's shirt, he slowly peered up, his eyes meeting the blond's. "It was! I was so ready to be done." Standing up straight, he grabbed Yuki's hand. "Come in with me, I have to get my stuff." Because, like the idiot he was, Shuichi had totally forgotten to grab his bag.

Yuki rolled his eyes, and flicked his cigarrette to the gutter. Knowing how things were run... smoking inside a recording studio wasnt very liked. "Baka..." he muttered. "Make it quick."

As Shuichi dragged Yuki through the halls, he stopped outside of Studio 2, where he had spent most of the day. He dropped the blond's hand and opened the door slowly, peering inside to see if anyone was around. It was dark, so the singer figured everyone had already left. He flicked on the light and moved around the room, beginning the search for his bag.

Yuki leaned against the doorway. "Dont you even know where you put it?" He rose an eyebrow.

Poking his head up over the table, Shuichi pouted. "Of COURSE I know where I put it...." He crawled under the table, just to come out the other end. "...Someone must have moved it. Because I left it. Right. Here."

Yuki shook his head. He walked in, scanning the room with his eyes. "Dont see it. You sure you brought it?"

Hopping back over to Yuki, Shuichi sighed. "Yeah! I so had it! Maybe K took it..." That was entirely possible, after all. "Oh well, I can grab it tomorrow. Come on." He shruggeed, taking Yuki's hand again.

Yuki rolled his eyes as Shuichi began leading him out of the room. "You sure? What was in that bag?" The blond asked the younger man.

Shuichi looked back. "It was just my wallet, my keys... You know... Just that stuff. But, I think that it's safe here!" He grinned, leading Yuki towards another room. Even though he said he was done looking, he headed towards Studio 1 anyway.

Yuki groaned. "Idiot... you dont lose that stuff..."

"I didn't lose it~ Someone misplaced it!" He opened the door to Studio 1 and looked inside. Another dark room. Yanking Yuki in, he flipped on that light as well. And there sat his bag, right in the middle of the table. "Oh! There it is!!"

The blond brushed his hair back. "Make sure everything's in there." he shook his head slightly. Shuichi was really hopeless sometimes.

The pink haired musician walked over to the table and opened his bag. Keys, wallet, his jacket, cd player... yep! Looked like everything was there! Turning to face the blond, he smiled. "Yep! I got everything!" Shuichi felt a little a little sheepish. Yuki was probably mad at him for being so brainless.

"Heh..." Yuki walked up to Shuichi, resting his hand on the musician's head. "Alright.. are you SURE everything is in there? I dont want to have to come back if you forgot something."

Shuichi spun around, giving Yuki a look. "Of course I'm sure! I didn't take anything out!" Peeking under the table, he looked quickly to make sure nothing fell underneath. And nothing had. "Okay, I'm ready when you are!"

"Un." Yuki turned to exit the studio... but the door was closed. When he grabbed the handle and turned... he growled. "You have a key...?" He looked back at Shuichi.

A door that locked from the outside....? Shuichi blinked a few times before reaching into his bag. "I think so..." Although, this sounded like the work of K. Grabbing his keys, he searched though them, looking for the right key...

Yuki stepped aside, folding his arms across his chest. "... if it locked from the outside... I dont think a key will work anyway. You can try... but I'm thinking the door is jammed."

"... Like... Someone blocking it?" Damn it, it probably was K then! The singer walked up to the door, looked at Yuki, then grabbed the door handle, jiggling it. "The handle moves, but the door wont budge! Now what?"

Yuki growled. "If someone is blocking it, I'm kicking their face in." leaned against the wall and slid down to sit. "Who knows if theres someone on the other side or if the door just wont open anymore. Either way... looks like we're here for the night."

Shuichi couldn't help but smile. Yay! It was a silly idea, but... "It's like a sleepover!!!"

The older man let out a breath and took off his shoes, sliding them across the entrance. "Pick someplace to sleep then."

That's like an invitiation for Shuichi. Immediately, he kicked his shoes off and sat in Yuki's lap. "I'm sleeping here!"

Yuki wore a slight grin, looking at Shuichi as he placed his arms around him. "Oh... are you now?"

"Yes. I am!" Leaning forward, he pecked Yuki's lips. Yuki always looked so hot, no matter what situation they were stuck in. And, of course, it made Shuichi happy to see theblond grin. Any kind of smile was good enough for the singer.

He looked into Shuichi's purple eyes and kissed back. "I suppose you can stay then."

The singer threw his arms around the novelist's neck. "Good! I'd be mad if you said I couldn't." Of course, Shuichi could never stay mad at Yuki for too long; he loved him far too much.

The novelist took off his jacket, pulling it open and draping it over Shuichi. He leaned his head back against the wall. What a mess.

Shuichi rested his head on Yuki's chest. "Gomen ne, Yuki. I didn't think we'd get locked in here." He silented vowed to smack whoever was behind this.

Yuki closed his eyes. "Its... fine. Shit happens. Its not like you planned it."

"I know... But still!" He sighed lightly. "You aren't too mad, are you?" He peered up at Yuki's face, trying to decide what to do. teasing Yuki would be fun, but it seemed a little inappropriate. Then again, since when had that ever stopped them?

Yuki opened his eyes to look at Shuichi's curious face. "... yeah. I'm a little pissed." He spoke, pulling Shuichi up against him. "... make it up to me."

Make it up? But it wasn't his fault! However, Shuichi definitely wasn't going to argue that, since that would be stupid. "Oh... Right here, Yuki?" he purred, grinding slightly against the older man.

"Hn..." Yuki didnt answer with words, he moved in-- kissing Shuichi passionately on the lips.

The singer kissed back hungrily. Being indecent in public; the thrill of possibly being caught, was a real turn on for Shuichi. He couldn't explain it. He almost laughed when he thought about where they were this time. In Touma's studio. He'd probably kill Shuichi if he found out...